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Avatar of Kaive

by Kaive

Hot Cutscenes

April 28, 2014 in Games, House of Tail

Work on House of Tail continues…

house of tail scene mockup test
Early story scene example
(looks like Sebastion’s penis is doing the talking…)

We have the story fleshed out and are still slaving away putting it all in. Thought I’d take a break to show you some examples!

Above you can see cutscenes will be able to fit many characters, and they’re all skippable– (a lack of which always drives us nuts when playing games, we hope you appreciate this effort.) Ideally we’ll be able to work in some kind of backdrop behind the characters so you won’t see the game maps during them.

house of tail choice mockup test
There will be choices

Something we wanted to improve upon from our last game was to include more cutscene choices. It’s tricky because we like to design our games where you make important choices in the core gameplay, but we can’t deny text choices are a lot of fun.

While they might offer slight branches in plots, (this isn’t a visual novel guys,) they’ll mostly be for amusement, how you want to define your relationship with characters, and getting easy stat boosts game-wise. Like, choosing between a response that boosts your charm verse teasing someone to boost your sex stat.

And thanks for hanging in with us, this is happening! We’re doing it!!

Avatar of Kaive

by Kaive

FWA Secret Fanclub ’14

March 28, 2014 in General

display at furry weekend atlanta dealer den 2014 of fupoco magnet embroidery giveaways

Pics or it didn’t happen? OKAY

We had a blast, much was learned and experienced, and almost all of our magnet patch things were given away! Many thanks to our secret friend for letting us use table space, and thanks to everyone brave enough to grab one with the display hidden in the back corner. It’s hard to read, but all it says on that silly 8bit tree house is “Secret Fan Club”.

What’s next? House of Tail completed, we hope :)

(Please give us a day or so to get through your emails and messages, working on it!)

Avatar of Kaive

by Kaive

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014

March 19, 2014 in General

fwa 2014 giveaway pile of fupoco logo embroidery patch magnets

Cool vintage cut homemade patch magnets to be given away at FWA

FWA ’14

We’ll be away at the FWA convention in Georgia. Apologies in advance to anyone expecting a quick reply from our contact page. We will resume normal operations Wednesday 26th.

Thanks to Whry and his embroidery skills, we will have some official fupoco patch magnets to give away. I know it’s a short notice, but we weren’t sure if we’d have the time (or if it was even feasible) to make some until this week. Talk about last minute! ha ha…

Funny side note: the stitching break in the “o” in “.com” was at the top for some of them, which made it look like “.cum”. Totally unintentional and not classy. I tried my best to fix them. I’m sure they could be collectible mistakes people can make fun of us with. We don’t mind, it’s all good and our goof.