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August HoT update

August 1, 2014
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Busy busy busy

Hi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Here’s what we’ve been up to:

House of Tail

Been working on this pretty much everyday…

Our focus has been implementing the story mode. There are a lot of characters and scenes, much more than Common Grounds.

Sometimes it feels like this is going way overboard, but it should make for a much better experience and elevate the genre into something more than naughty pictures. We can only hope…

I’ve picked up some new coding tricks in the way of shaders, which should give the game that clean modern look that makes newer 2d games seem… well, modern. Because of this and time constraints, we’re not worrying with the online version of the game currently. We’d rather focus on making one good-looking version than juggling two. We might come back to it when things are finished. Was cool to see it was possible at least, right?

Game List

We’re working on a game list page for all those furry porn games mentioned in the forums. The code is in place, can filter/sort things, just need to put in the actual entries. Can already tell what tags to use will be tricky. And things like, should we put a date of release? Would be hard to gather that info.

We’d like to help promote and give these kind of games more attention. Maybe have some fun with silly reviews of them too. But our priority is to finish House of Tail.

Lack of Updates

We would love to update more. It’s just a tricky thing. We don’t plan to make HoT one of those games that gets all these updates where we work on it for the next ten years. We also do not want to bore you with all the silly things that don’t translate into good screenshots or don’t spoil the story.

All of that is lame excuses, I know. Next up, let’s begin introducing the main characters of HoT!!

*Comments (5)

  1. Yay for an update even if it isn’t an update for the game. (Cause you know were coming up to a year since the last update…Just saying.)

    But seriously any news is good news and glad to be hearing that so much is going on and that development is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to meet the cast too even if its just for more updates.

    Keep up the great work and hope to soon see the fruits of your labors.

      1. Well its worth waiting for, can tell that from what we’ve been able to play so far. And it must be worth waiting for to me at least as I find myself doing a daily check of the site.

  2. Yeah, the super long wait is kinda nerve wracking but I’m sure that it’ll pay off in the long run. 🙂 I hope there’s a updated version of the game coming soon. I’m really excited to see the changes in the game. ^-^

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