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Hot Cutscenes

April 28, 2014 in Games, House of Tail

Work on House of Tail continues…

house of tail scene mockup test
Early story scene example
(looks like Sebastion’s penis is doing the talking…)

We have the story fleshed out and are still slaving away putting it all in. Thought I’d take a break to show you some examples!

Above you can see cutscenes will be able to fit many characters, and they’re all skippable– (a lack of which always drives us nuts when playing games, we hope you appreciate this effort.) Ideally we’ll be able to work in some kind of backdrop behind the characters so you won’t see the game maps during them.

house of tail choice mockup test
There will be choices

Something we wanted to improve upon from our last game was to include more cutscene choices. It’s tricky because we like to design our games where you make important choices in the core gameplay, but we can’t deny text choices are a lot of fun.

While they might offer slight branches in plots, (this isn’t a visual novel guys,) they’ll mostly be for amusement, how you want to define your relationship with characters, and getting easy stat boosts game-wise. Like, choosing between a response that boosts your charm verse teasing someone to boost your sex stat.

And thanks for hanging in with us, this is happening! We’re doing it!!

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HoT Menu Previews

March 13, 2014 in Games, House of Tail, Other Games

House of Tail story chapter screenshot

The title menu has been in need of an overhaul for a while. We’re not quite finished, but you can see that the characters have been moved to the corners and will move in circles instead of up and down, (hiding the cut-offs.)

And the chapter screens will have a lot more info, like star icons noting what you were able to do, to give the game some replayability, (and maybe requirements for a best ending~)

House of Tail victory screenshot

When you complete a goal, you’ll receive a message and possible rewards to choose from. The game should feel a lot more fleshed out next update~

And special thanks to everyone helping flesh out the list of furry porn (or just sexualized/mature) games over on the forums (topic/furry-porn-game-master-list/).

It’s getting to be a decent size, and we hope to do some fun things with it ^^

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by Kaive

HoT Update Time / Furry Porn Game List Idea

March 2, 2014 in Games, House of Tail, Other Games

House of Tail update time!?!?

Currently working on the story mode.

It’s looking like 12 chapters, fantasy rpg ish, and a lot of silliness. Also working in some ‘dating sim action’. So much work. Just wanted to say it will take some time to finish and we should totally post more updates.

The plan is to release the next version once the story is in place. And the final version once ‘casual play’ and all the extra features are put in and tested.

To make development go faster, we plan to stop worrying with the online version after a certain point–maybe it’ll have a couple story chapters and a limited casual play. We also want to have a PC demo too, just so everyone can make sure the PC version runs fine on their computer before purchasing it.

But our main goal is to get the game into a completed state for everyone who’s already bought a copy. We hope the wait will be worth it~

Furry Porn Game MASTER LIST (idea)

If you know of any games that have furry character(s) and sexual themes in them, please let us know! As crazy Super Fans, we’re thinking about maintaining a list, maybe even doing some silly reviews and such.

You can suggest a game here or in our forums: topic/furry-porn-game-master-list/

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by Kaive

Last Month for HoT Discount

December 1, 2013 in Games, House of Tail

house of tail box art
One month left to get in on the limited time discount!

Beginning 2014, House of Tail’s price will double. This is your heads up!

We’re currently drawing the main cast and working in the story. The story will probably be much more elaborate than I think anyone is expecting. Our goal is to give you fun characters and situations to get through, while not basing it solely around porn. It should feel more like a role playing game with porn, than porn with a token story. If that makes sense.

We also uploaded a new version that addressed a minor bug dealing with selling characters. And upon writing that, I realize we might need to give a good reason to sell characters or remove that altogether ^^;

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season~

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by Kaive

Working hard on HoT

September 18, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

kaive on hardmode, working on a furry porn game
Various levels of insanity are often required to make video games.

Status Report

Wanted to drop by to say hi!

We’re still alive and hard at work on House of tail. The story has been drafted – a tentative 12 chapters plus tutorial. I’m currently drawing story characters and implementing the chapters. It might take a while for the next update.

This also means we’re getting closer to ending the early bird discount. We’ll give you a month’s heads-up before we do.

Things are getting very exciting behind the scenes, can’t wait to show you more characters!

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by Kaive

HoT Update 8-16-13

August 16, 2013 in Games, House of Tail

A minor update today, probably the last one where it’s only built around demoing casual play. While it doesn’t seem like much, there were a number of behind the scenes things worked on. So it’s okay to skip this update, really. Good news is it’s time to get into the story. We’re looking at about 4 acts, 3 chapters a piece. Maybe more, maybe less.

And we appreciate the comments! Don’t want to keep you waiting too long. Thanks for sticking with us so far~

HoT v 8.16.13

  • changed – various things
    • can select individual characters on feedback banner
    • stat and cost balancing (will be on-going, by no means finished…)
    • hiring limited
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HoT – Major Construction Ahead

August 12, 2013 in Games, House of Tail

House of Tail new feedback banner character design
New layout for the feedback banner.

House of Tail Status

No game update today, but expect one in the near future, (perhaps this week!) :)

Above you can see part of the reworking of the daily feedback banner. It still shows an overview, but now you can view individual characters and see what they’ve been up to. This way, it will be easier to see how well everyone’s doing, instead of trying to read through that jumbled mess that it is now.

Spent some time looking into animation, getting the story ready, and making lots of little adjustments. While we’re not there yet, we are much closer to a balanced game. Character prices are now more pronounced, meaning weaker characters are much more affordable and useful. There’s a cap on how many characters you can have that increases while you play, which gives a good build up feeling and will come in handy for the story sections.

It’s been an adventure in coding that I hope is mostly behind us. Things got real goofy with the feedback banner’s string parsing this past week. While we’ve tested to make sure it works, it’s still rough around the edges. Which leads us into…

Major Construction Ahead

Game updates will be kind of wild for a while. Please bare with us–it’s for the best!

The plan is to focus on putting in the story sections, and then adjust casual play around all the maps and things that are added from that. We still have sound, extra goodies for the download version, lots of graphics, an instruction manual, and other things to do that I’m forgetting ^^;

Am pretty excited about it and hope to surprise a lot of you (in a good way) with how this will shape up~

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by Kaive

Not sure what to title these posts sometimes

July 16, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

It’s taken a while to settle back into things after Anthrocon, but we’re super excited to get back to work! It was a great experience, and incredibly motivating to see all the talent and cool people in the fandom.

Presently, we’re going through House of Tail’s design document to map out everything that needs doing, so we can have an end in sight. While it may not seem like it now, it’s going to be a fairly large and beefy game. We’re aware of and working on one nasty bug that makes the online version unplayable. Besides fixing that, we want to focus on adding new content rather than all these bug fix updates.

We’ve also been testing animation options, and I don’t mean to tease, but it’s looking like it may just happen! Not exactly easy, but not outside the realm of possibility.

A big shout out to MadCatMax, who has officially joined the team as “Music Guy” (name pending), and Firewolfe for the dedicated playtesting of HoT! You guys are awesome.

And thanks again to everyone buying copies of House of Tail! We’re all kinds of excited to begin adding the really juicy stuff :3

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by Kaive

HoT Update 7-01-13

July 1, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

Howdy y’all!

Was a busy week so I wasn’t able to update as much as I would have liked. But we have more or less taken care of the bug/glitch list. Still balancing the game, but making good progress there. I’d like to see the play a lot more tight, and clearer choices to make.

I’ve also been looking into ‘special’ character animation options. Nothing so far, but it would be cool if we can figure something out here.

We’ll be away from Wednesday to Monday (July 3 – 8) for Anthrocon. No official Fupoco appearance or selling stuff, just hanging out. Am happy to say hi and talk if anyone spots me, as I’m sure the rest of the crew would be.

Chances are very good we’ll return refreshed and ready to add lots of new content to House of Tail, and get this project going hardcore~

HoT v 7.01.13

  • added – show number of hires available
  • added – show charm percent under room price (will need graphical upgrade later)
  • added – graphical polish on title characters and transition (download version)
  • changed – customer and room math, % skills changed
  • fixed – various bugs/glitches…
    • item duping – not handling item data properly
    • entering something before it finishes moving won’t trigger its mouse hover event
    • releasing left mouse button on any button triggers it – should only trigger if pressed first
    • levelup notice needs to appear over both characters in double room if levelup at same time
    • gui needs to smoothly reappear on end of day
    • sometimes character reserve banner doesn’t appear when a character is sent there
    • rep up background darkens again if more than one rep up??? (also adjust background)
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HoT Update 6-21-13

June 21, 2013 in Games, House of Tail

Update time!

This one introduces character skills and items.

Hover over skill names to see their description, and you can find the items at the item shop on the town map. This is only a start, so expect to see a lot more skills and items coming up!

Also fixed a lot of bugs/glitches. Should have the rest taken care of by the next update.

We appreciate all the feedback. You guys are the best! I feel like we don’t thank you enough. (And special secret thanks to everyone who has already picked up a copy!)

Next up: will probably focus on cleaning up what’s already there, balancing the game (sorely needs another pass,) and posting some kind of help guide.

v 6.21.13

  • NEW – items introduced!
    • basic healing items
  • NEW – character skills introduced!
    • basic stat adjustment skills
  • fixed – various glitches…
    • sell a character, make a ton of money
    • upgrade shop – generates right arrow button when not needed
    • items need to show up on character info display
    • house condition bar color mismatching
    • when character becomes tired or worse, update map to reflect new price
    • when leader tired, does not add customers to house pool, even though shows it
    • when leader tired or worse, icon on goal map does not reflect their condition
    • character icons…
      • sidebar health color does not match icon’s health color
      • icons do not show anything but basic sprite when changing maps
      • item map – character icons not displaying colors/status correctly
    • feedback banner resets to ‘day 0′ when loading a game