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HoT Character Animations

December 19, 2014 in Games, House of Tail

tavi test animation for house of tail

Update Time!

What we’re working on:

– Adding in 2d animations (early example shown.)

For full-scene images, we’re not sure how crazy interactive (or if at all) we want to go. It’s on our minds cause it’s like “why not?” but our priority is the main-game interactivity. One could work on the same project forever if they’re not careful… best to finish!

– Redoing character line-work (thanks to an upgraded graphics tablet–thank you^^)

The original method of drawing outlines by pixel looks neat, but took forever and clashed with the shading as they’re two different styles. It was also hard to appreciate the pixel lines as we shrunk the images anyway, ha……

– Increase to 720 resolution, 60 frames a second.

Originally we chose the 540 vertical resolution with the web-browser platform in mind. Since then we’ve decided to drop support for it (for the time-being, might come back when the game’s finished.) Thus allowing us not to worry with its limitations. Currently the download version is at 60fps but a lot of the movement is mapped to 30fps–tweaking that as well.

– Built-in update checker and plans to update more often as we go. It sure has been a while since the last one, sorry about that ^^;

Back to work–see ya!

your pal Kaive

HoT Story Character Sketches, batch 2

August 28, 2014 in Games, House of Tail

sketches of Jacquelyn and Nabie
Barmaid Ex-Fighter JacquelynMysterious Servant Nabie

sketches of Salvine and Basio
Librarian Healer SalvineGym Trainer Basio

Story character sketches — Batch 2 of 3, one more to go~

Jacquelyn – Former soldier who ended her career early to work at the town’s pub. She’s had enough of the adventurer’s life. Unless, perchance something were to happen that might convince her to team up with you one last time.

Nabie – Why am I showing you her?! It’s a secret! Forget she’s here. She doesn’t even live in the kingdom. They’d probably mistake her for a monster.

Salvine – Works at the library and hospital, and is the town’s local healer. He’s in a relationship with Basio, and Wiseluck despises him for it. Wouldn’t it be funny if Wise needed his help and had to recruit him? Cause he just might.

Basio – Trains your characters at the gym. Is up for adventure if asked.

What does it all mean? We’re crazy, for starters. And we’re working in some variety to the game’s setup. It will be an adventure, for sure. Has been one already in making it~ ha ha… ha ._.

your pal Kaive

HoT Story Character Sketches, batch 1

August 8, 2014 in Games, House of Tail

sketches of Princess Seraphina and Prince Noriel
Princess SeraphinaPrince Noriel

sketches of Princess Seraphina and Prince Noriel
Royal Bodyguard BartlemanMaster Wizard Wiseluck

What would a fantasy rpg kind of game be without some royalty?

Here we have the prince and the princess, rulers of Branchland. Sort of. It’s slightly complicated. You see, there was a war their kingdom lost and their parents died in it. Don’t feel too bad, it all happened before they could even walk.

And what would royalty be without some servants to do their bidding? Bartleman is the personal guard of the prince, who seems to need it more than the princess. The royal wizard Wiseluck acts as the princess’s advisor, who handles the affairs of the crown more than her younger brother.

Wiseluck is also your starting boss. And he gets his own chapter later on. You even get to help him with the mess that is his personal love life.

Future Updates Plan

The story is in draft mode, meaning we’re making sure it all fits together and nothing stands out as ‘out of nowhere’ or breaks the tone/narrative. Because of this, the beginning will likely receive the most changes and reworks to line up with all the plot points later on.

Even so, we know you’ve been waiting for another update and we’d like to try to give you the tutorial and first chapter next. After that, it would hopefully be the entire story mode, complete with actual sound and music. Then comes a finished casual mode and extras, like an image gallery. And somewhere in there a chance to commission your own characters into the game.

Whew. Typing all of that makes it seem like a long ways away, but we’re definitely getting there. This is going to happen!! No brakes on the game making train~

your pal Kaive

August HoT update

August 1, 2014 in Games, General, House of Tail, Website

fupoco maid clean up

Busy busy busy

Hi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Here’s what we’ve been up to:

House of Tail

Been working on this pretty much everyday…

Our focus has been implementing the story mode. There are a lot of characters and scenes, much more than Common Grounds.

Sometimes it feels like this is going way overboard, but it should make for a much better experience and elevate the genre into something more than naughty pictures. We can only hope…

I’ve picked up some new coding tricks in the way of shaders, which should give the game that clean modern look that makes newer 2d games seem… well, modern. Because of this and time constraints, we’re not worrying with the online version of the game currently. We’d rather focus on making one good-looking version than juggling two. We might come back to it when things are finished. Was cool to see it was possible at least, right?

Game List

We’re working on a game list page for all those furry porn games mentioned in the forums. The code is in place, can filter/sort things, just need to put in the actual entries. Can already tell what tags to use will be tricky. And things like, should we put a date of release? Would be hard to gather that info.

We’d like to help promote and give these kind of games more attention. Maybe have some fun with silly reviews of them too. But our priority is to finish House of Tail.

Lack of Updates

We would love to update more. It’s just a tricky thing. We don’t plan to make HoT one of those games that gets all these updates where we work on it for the next ten years. We also do not want to bore you with all the silly things that don’t translate into good screenshots or don’t spoil the story.

All of that is lame excuses, I know. Next up, let’s begin introducing the main characters of HoT!!

your pal Kaive

Hot Cutscenes

April 28, 2014 in Games, House of Tail

Work on House of Tail continues…

house of tail scene mockup test
Early story scene example
(looks like Sebastion’s penis is doing the talking…)

We have the story fleshed out and are still slaving away putting it all in. Thought I’d take a break to show you some examples!

Above you can see cutscenes will be able to fit many characters, and they’re all skippable– (a lack of which always drives us nuts when playing games, we hope you appreciate this effort.) Ideally we’ll be able to work in some kind of backdrop behind the characters so you won’t see the game maps during them.

house of tail choice mockup test
There will be choices

Something we wanted to improve upon from our last game was to include more cutscene choices. It’s tricky because we like to design our games where you make important choices in the core gameplay, but we can’t deny text choices are a lot of fun.

While they might offer slight branches in plots, (this isn’t a visual novel guys,) they’ll mostly be for amusement, how you want to define your relationship with characters, and getting easy stat boosts game-wise. Like, choosing between a response that boosts your charm verse teasing someone to boost your sex stat.

And thanks for hanging in with us, this is happening! We’re doing it!!

your pal Kaive

HoT Menu Previews

March 13, 2014 in Games, House of Tail, Other Games

House of Tail story chapter screenshot

The title menu has been in need of an overhaul for a while. We’re not quite finished, but you can see that the characters have been moved to the corners and will move in circles instead of up and down, (hiding the cut-offs.)

And the chapter screens will have a lot more info, like star icons noting what you were able to do, to give the game some replayability, (and maybe requirements for a best ending~)

House of Tail victory screenshot

When you complete a goal, you’ll receive a message and possible rewards to choose from. The game should feel a lot more fleshed out next update~

And special thanks to everyone helping flesh out the list of furry porn (or just sexualized/mature) games over on the forums (topic/furry-porn-game-master-list/).

It’s getting to be a decent size, and we hope to do some fun things with it ^^

your pal Kaive

HoT Update Time / Furry Porn Game List Idea

March 2, 2014 in Games, House of Tail, Other Games

House of Tail update time!?!?

Currently working on the story mode.

It’s looking like 12 chapters, fantasy rpg ish, and a lot of silliness. Also working in some ‘dating sim action’. So much work. Just wanted to say it will take some time to finish and we should totally post more updates.

The plan is to release the next version once the story is in place. And the final version once ‘casual play’ and all the extra features are put in and tested.

To make development go faster, we plan to stop worrying with the online version after a certain point–maybe it’ll have a couple story chapters and a limited casual play. We also want to have a PC demo too, just so everyone can make sure the PC version runs fine on their computer before purchasing it.

But our main goal is to get the game into a completed state for everyone who’s already bought a copy. We hope the wait will be worth it~

Furry Porn Game MASTER LIST (idea)

If you know of any games that have furry character(s) and sexual themes in them, please let us know! As crazy Super Fans, we’re thinking about maintaining a list, maybe even doing some silly reviews and such.

You can suggest a game here or in our forums: topic/furry-porn-game-master-list/

your pal Kaive

Last Month for HoT Discount

December 1, 2013 in Games, House of Tail

house of tail box art
One month left to get in on the limited time discount!

Beginning 2014, House of Tail’s price will double. This is your heads up!

We’re currently drawing the main cast and working in the story. The story will probably be much more elaborate than I think anyone is expecting. Our goal is to give you fun characters and situations to get through, while not basing it solely around porn. It should feel more like a role playing game with porn, than porn with a token story. If that makes sense.

We also uploaded a new version that addressed a minor bug dealing with selling characters. And upon writing that, I realize we might need to give a good reason to sell characters or remove that altogether ^^;

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season~

your pal Kaive

Working hard on HoT

September 18, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

kaive on hardmode, working on a furry porn game
Various levels of insanity are often required to make video games.

Status Report

Wanted to drop by to say hi!

We’re still alive and hard at work on House of tail. The story has been drafted – a tentative 12 chapters plus tutorial. I’m currently drawing story characters and implementing the chapters. It might take a while for the next update.

This also means we’re getting closer to ending the early bird discount. We’ll give you a month’s heads-up before we do.

Things are getting very exciting behind the scenes, can’t wait to show you more characters!

your pal Kaive

HoT Update 8-16-13

August 16, 2013 in Games, House of Tail

A minor update today, probably the last one where it’s only built around demoing casual play. While it doesn’t seem like much, there were a number of behind the scenes things worked on. So it’s okay to skip this update, really. Good news is it’s time to get into the story. We’re looking at about 4 acts, 3 chapters a piece. Maybe more, maybe less.

And we appreciate the comments! Don’t want to keep you waiting too long. Thanks for sticking with us so far~

HoT v 8.16.13

  • changed – various things
    • can select individual characters on feedback banner
    • stat and cost balancing (will be on-going, by no means finished…)
    • hiring limited