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your pal Kaive

Hot – Sketching MADNESS

August 16, 2012 in Games, House of Tail

house of tail character sketches

What have we been up to the past week or so? Well, we decided to include all 17 character requests into House of Tail πŸ™‚

So far, 10 character sketches (20 pics!) have been drawn. Will begin posting them as soon as the final drafts have been approved. After that, we’ll need to include a few more characters, to bump up the total to around 30.

And I know it’s way past due, and I was hoping to simply show you the game to explain it, but if I have some more time later, will do my best to detail how this thing will play.

Hint: it is *not* a dating sim.

I fear some people might be expecting another one. We will make more, but it’s not all we’d like to make. Hopefully HoT will expand and enhance your expectations of what Fupoco is capable of πŸ˜‰

your pal Kaive

HoT – Victoria | Thanks for the requests!

August 5, 2012 in Games, House of Tail

Victoria the vixen in House of Tail

This is Victoria, a vixen you can control in House of Tail. She’s also our first female character! Unless you count Kizzneth~

Character requests are closed!

Thanks for submitting your characters and ideas for ones! With a good size character roster, we can finally start playtesting and balancing the game. Hopefully we will bombard you with updates from here on out!

your pal Kaive

HoT – Bonnie

August 2, 2012 in Games, House of Tail

Bonnie the crossdressing pink bunny boy


Here we have the 3rd House of Tail character, Bonnie, the cross-dressing bunny.

About the request for characters

You guys are amazing. We were overwhelmed by the response and filled all the slots, and then some, in little over a day.

While we don’t want to leave anyone out because they weren’t fast enough, we do feel we have enough characters for the time being. You’re still welcome to make a request, at least until the end of the weekend.

Please don’t be mad if we end up not adding your character because of this. We really don’t want to have to use the ‘random number generator’ option, but if the list gets any bigger, we’ll probably have to.

If anyone has ideas on how to better handle this kind of request in the future, we’re all ears! Thanks again πŸ™‚

your pal Kaive

HoT – Kizzneth

July 31, 2012 in Games, House of Tail

House of Tail - Kizzneth tease

I told you we’d have ladies in this one! XD

This is Kizzneth, a ‘c-boi’, who graciously allowed us to draw and include his or her character into the game.

Would you like to have your own character in this too? I went ahead and wrote the official request here. Looking forward to see what happens πŸ™‚

your pal Kaive

HoT – Second Picture

July 27, 2012 in Games, House of Tail

cat having sex in House of Tail game

Follow up to the previous post: here we see the as yet unnamed cat character having sex.

The first four characters have been drawn, can’t wait to show you. But the next task is to write an official request for characters. Sorry for the wait, we’re almost there!

To clear some things up based on what people are asking us:

  • This game isn’t exactly another dating sim. It’s more about managing characters.
  • There will be women in this one.
  • We’d like to release it as soon as it’s playable, but not when it’s finished. This way, you don’t have to wait too long, and you can have a say in the updates!

your pal Kaive

House of Tail – Art Direction

July 24, 2012 in Games, House of Tail

Side by side comparison of shading styles for HoT cat

First character drawn, showcasing the visual style.

Originally, the plan was to draw them like the one on the left, maybe with some cell shading, but after playing with brushes and drawing a few more to check consistency, the air brushed look on the right won me over. It looks even better slightly shrunk to fit in the game, since it smooths the black outline.

I hope the javascript warning box is enough of a “NOT SAFE FOR WORK” tag. While I do want to keep the website and games classy, (read: tasteful and tasty,) this is porn we’re talking about! Pics or it isn’t happening XD

The initial release will need a lot of characters, so I will probably take requests. Details will be posted later. Please be patient πŸ™‚

your pal Kaive

Old Pixel Art

July 15, 2012 in Games, House of Tail, Website

8bit House of Tail pixel mockup

The original mock-up of House of Tail done a year or so ago.

Showing you so you’ll either really appreciate the new visual direction we’ve chosen (and will show you very soon!) or dream about the retro porn game that it could have been…

— Note to registered users —

After looking through the users on the site, I’ve spotted a few spammers and will delete them. So if you really did sign up with a name like “aslkjeljksl” and have email accounts hosted at places like “top10cockbuys” then please re-register and say hi in the forums πŸ™‚

your pal Kaive

Web Game Title Reveal

July 8, 2012 in Games, House of Tail

We’ve found ourselves far enough into the next game to where we needed a title. After much yaffing about, we decided on:

“House of Tail”

Which you are more than welcome to use the abbreviation, “HoT”~

To clear up some of the confusion surrounding it:

  • It will be a web game where you run your own brothel of furry sex slaves.
  • The tone will be very light-hearted and silly.
  • No promises, but you might be able to make your own character to play as–maybe even have your character as a sex slave for other players to use.
  • And possibly a β€œtop score” web page, because we’re absolutely crazy.

It will be very graphical, and shouldn’t require any plug-ins to play, so it’s taking us some time to work out the web-browser kinks. And another non-promise: we’re coding it in such a way where we could port it to the iPad. Maybe the pods and driods too, but the screens might be too tiny for it to play well.

Just imagine the Fupoco mobile gaming possibilities… XD