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Furry Porn Game List Added

August 13, 2017 in General, Other Games, Porn Game Master List, Website


Took a break from game making and updated the site.

It should display in mobile devices rather nicely now. It also should be broken on older browsers, especially Internet Explorer. Don’t have time for that (sorry to whomever it concerns). I like taking advantage of all the modern html/css standards. It allows for…


Furry Porn Game Master List added, finally!

Was sitting around, put some finishing touches on it and added 10 games to start off from the list we’ve been making together in the forums. Special thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped! Would appreciate any feedback. Will go through what’s on the waiting list when i need additional game making breaks.

Forums: changed the look and added emotes/smilies from Common Grounds you can use.

Out with the big button top menu and in with the blinking links. I have been told no one should ever use blinking text on the web. Call the Internet police-i dont care, haha! (It’s supposed to give that retro arcade feel.)

Not-so-secret easter egg stuff: hover over the fupoco logo up top or at the bottom in the footer. New web standards allow for animation. Had to try it out.

I think that’s it. Oh! Click the House of Tail slider up top to see some character sketches I’ve been drawing. Main cast is drawn, working on additional supporting crew. Not kidding when I think we can hit over 100 characters.

your pal Kaive

Freshly fixed website

January 13, 2016 in General, Website

Took a little longer than expected (had some issues with the display on mobile devices.)

  • User registration seems to be working, emails should not appear in spam folders anymore
  • Rewrote and updated a lot of the text in places like the about us and team pages
  • Streamlined photo safari to a single page, given better context
  • Made pretty all the forum layouts
  • ‘Enter / exit’ warning only appears on the main index**

Probably more, but you get the idea. If you see anything off, please leave a comment.

** interesting obscure trivia / research:
US Senate document on porn front pages (google books link)

This is it legally, so far as I could find. A tiny paragraph at the bottom of the page. It’s entirely voluntary. Strictly the front page only, and more about not putting up material than warning anyone. Only specifies commercial adult entertainment. Also, the wording on the child stuff is really weird if you think about what it implies you can do otherwise. Not going any further than that. I know a pit trap when I see one.

Always researching`

Also took some time to catch up on the furry game development scene. Found out about some projects being either canceled or put on hiatus. It’s always sobering to see, regardless the details and drama. I can imagine what things might look like for us in particular. Sorry it’s taking so long. Wish everyone the best.

your pal Kaive

Fupoco 2016

January 12, 2016 in General, Website

Warning: Updating the site, things might look weird.

In looking into the user registration issue, discovered a mess behind the scenes. Spent the past few days redoing everything.

The last time we updated the site like this was in 2011. Been putting it off and it sure caught up with us. Learned a lot since then.

This should fix everything. Will post again when finished~

your pal Kaive

Feb 2015 Update

February 28, 2015 in Games, General, House of Tail, Website

***About Forum Registration***
We’re aware of issues with registering and apologize about any inconvenience. We’ve been hit pretty hard by spammers and have had to put in some rough measures that seem to prevent real honest people from registering. Will let you know once we have a handle on it, but it’s taking a backseat to getting the next HoT update finished, sorry 🙁

house of tail menu old new comparison upgrade
Comparison of the New vs Old menu design and size in House of Tail

The game is in an unplayable state at present due to the change in base resolution. Once we get that fixed, we would like to get back on a regular series of updates like when it was first released, except here the updates will have new content instead of bug fixes only.

I think we are finally through the holiday season. It seemed like this year it was a time for family, friends, travel to see family, travel to funerals for family, travel to visit friends. Feels like we’ve all spent the past few months sitting in a car. It is nice to take time and visit those close to you, but it’s also nice to be back making ‘special games’ :3

your pal Kaive

Gamelist in the works

November 4, 2014 in General, Website

Hi! How’s it going?! Good, good. Us? ho ho ho…

We’re finishing up writing House of Tail’s story. It’s… pretty long. Let’s not take this long again, okay? Okay!

The next character preview will contain the ‘main 4’ and I’ll post it once we’re happy with the main character’s costume. It’s been tricky, as we’ve been ‘cheating’ a lot by not even bothering with costumes for most characters.

preview of the furry porn game list

Until then, take a peek at this: secret preview image to show we really are doing something with that list of games you helped us with a while ago.

Can sort it, filter results by gender, completion, a host of things. Can click the images to show/hide info. It moves around like some fancy iPhone app. Can’t wait to show you.

What remains is to go through each game and fill out the details. The tags will be very fluid and up-for-change, and I’m sure we might miss some, or could better word it. Looking forward to your input when it goes live~

your pal Kaive

August HoT update

August 1, 2014 in Games, General, House of Tail, Website

fupoco maid clean up

Busy busy busy

Hi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Here’s what we’ve been up to:

House of Tail

Been working on this pretty much everyday…

Our focus has been implementing the story mode. There are a lot of characters and scenes, much more than Common Grounds.

Sometimes it feels like this is going way overboard, but it should make for a much better experience and elevate the genre into something more than naughty pictures. We can only hope…

I’ve picked up some new coding tricks in the way of shaders, which should give the game that clean modern look that makes newer 2d games seem… well, modern. Because of this and time constraints, we’re not worrying with the online version of the game currently. We’d rather focus on making one good-looking version than juggling two. We might come back to it when things are finished. Was cool to see it was possible at least, right?

Game List

We’re working on a game list page for all those furry porn games mentioned in the forums. The code is in place, can filter/sort things, just need to put in the actual entries. Can already tell what tags to use will be tricky. And things like, should we put a date of release? Would be hard to gather that info.

We’d like to help promote and give these kind of games more attention. Maybe have some fun with silly reviews of them too. But our priority is to finish House of Tail.

Lack of Updates

We would love to update more. It’s just a tricky thing. We don’t plan to make HoT one of those games that gets all these updates where we work on it for the next ten years. We also do not want to bore you with all the silly things that don’t translate into good screenshots or don’t spoil the story.

All of that is lame excuses, I know. Next up, let’s begin introducing the main characters of HoT!!

your pal Kaive

FWA Secret Fanclub ’14

March 28, 2014 in General

display at furry weekend atlanta dealer den 2014 of fupoco magnet embroidery giveaways

Pics or it didn’t happen? OKAY

We had a blast, much was learned and experienced, and almost all of our magnet patch things were given away! Many thanks to our secret friend for letting us use table space, and thanks to everyone brave enough to grab one with the display hidden in the back corner. It’s hard to read, but all it says on that silly 8bit tree house is “Secret Fan Club”.

What’s next? House of Tail completed, we hope 🙂

(Please give us a day or so to get through your emails and messages, working on it!)

your pal Kaive

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014

March 19, 2014 in General

fwa 2014 giveaway pile of fupoco logo embroidery patch magnets

Cool vintage cut homemade patch magnets to be given away at FWA

FWA ’14

We’ll be away at the FWA convention in Georgia. Apologies in advance to anyone expecting a quick reply from our contact page. We will resume normal operations Wednesday 26th.

Thanks to Whry and his embroidery skills, we will have some official fupoco patch magnets to give away. I know it’s a short notice, but we weren’t sure if we’d have the time (or if it was even feasible) to make some until this week. Talk about last minute! ha ha…

Funny side note: the stitching break in the “o” in “.com” was at the top for some of them, which made it look like “.cum”. Totally unintentional and not classy. I tried my best to fix them. I’m sure they could be collectible mistakes people can make fun of us with. We don’t mind, it’s all good and our goof.

your pal Kaive

Working hard on HoT

September 18, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

kaive on hardmode, working on a furry porn game
Various levels of insanity are often required to make video games.

Status Report

Wanted to drop by to say hi!

We’re still alive and hard at work on House of tail. The story has been drafted – a tentative 12 chapters plus tutorial. I’m currently drawing story characters and implementing the chapters. It might take a while for the next update.

This also means we’re getting closer to ending the early bird discount. We’ll give you a month’s heads-up before we do.

Things are getting very exciting behind the scenes, can’t wait to show you more characters!

your pal Kaive

Not sure what to title these posts sometimes

July 16, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

It’s taken a while to settle back into things after Anthrocon, but we’re super excited to get back to work! It was a great experience, and incredibly motivating to see all the talent and cool people in the fandom.

Presently, we’re going through House of Tail’s design document to map out everything that needs doing, so we can have an end in sight. While it may not seem like it now, it’s going to be a fairly large and beefy game. We’re aware of and working on one nasty bug that makes the online version unplayable. Besides fixing that, we want to focus on adding new content rather than all these bug fix updates.

We’ve also been testing animation options, and I don’t mean to tease, but it’s looking like it may just happen! Not exactly easy, but not outside the realm of possibility.

A big shout out to MadCatMax, who has officially joined the team as “Music Guy” (name pending), and Firewolfe for the dedicated playtesting of HoT! You guys are awesome.

And thanks again to everyone buying copies of House of Tail! We’re all kinds of excited to begin adding the really juicy stuff :3