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      1. Yea, it’s always hardest part to try and surpass the success of the first game… and most of the time they don’t quite make it.

        But with everything I’ve seen and read about House of Tail so far, I’m not worried. Sure it is a different game in gameplay and in graphics and all, but as it is, am sure it’ll turn out great.

        Am not sure if it will surpass Common Grounds in fanbase size yet (that one just has to wait and see), but with the fanbase built with the first game, I would believe you’re gonna be breaking the sales of Common Grounds with the new game and hell… I bet am going to enjoy it. :>

        1. Thanks for the encouragement ^^

          We have the feeling everyone would be just fine if we stuck to making more dating sims, (which we will,) but it sure is nice to try something different from time to time.

  1. also just a question you wouldnt be happen to have some secrets in the game to where we must find like to say we pull a erotic book and then a door opens which leads us to a room with a two way mirror and then we see some kind of action going on in the other room??? XD

    1. Well… now that you mention it, we just might!! XD

      Needless to say, while that’s the kind of thing we’d like to add, the game is a different kind of one, so it may not play out exactly like if this event were in a visual novel or dating sim.

      But we shall see~

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