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Common Grounds 1 Year Anniversary

March 1, 2013
in Common Grounds, Games, General, House of Tail

Common Grounds one year anniversary fanart by Len and Kit Hawking

Fan art page updated! – Big thanks to our buddies Len and Kit 😀

Common Grounds has been out and about for one whole year.


It has been a fun adventure. We are forever grateful to all of you for the support. It is something we never want to take for granted, and I’m always at a loss for words to properly express how we feel about it.

I’ve recently figured out how best to go about expressing it, and that’s a growing excitement about beginning work on Common Grounds 2.

We have taken many notes about your thoughts and what you’d like to see, and are looking forward to making the next one something we can be even more proud of. I can’t wait!

House of Tail Update

But first we have to finish House of Tail.

Have just about finished the level-up menu and related features. Want to let you know we’re still on top of it and this is going to happen!

(And for the rest of the team not to kill me for taking so long… one whole year without another game! We can’t let this happen again!! Totally my fault though ^^;)

Oh, and I suppose since it’s been a year, it’s now okay for us to write a post-mortem on making Common Grounds. Just something like “5 things that went right / 5 things that didn’t”. No idea if or when this will happen, but it’s something we’d like to do.

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  1. First of all congrats on the first Anniversary, shame about the lack of anything knew since then mind. I tease. But its forgiven due to how great Common Grounds was, still replaying it even now and with news of a new game and a sequel as well. Here to another year and both hoping for great things and looking forward to what ever you make and release next.

  2. Congrats for the anniversary! :>

    Also, when did the thought of CG2 come up? I mean it’s awesome, but rather sudden… unless I’ve missed it being mentioned before. x3 Never the less, am gonna be looking soooo much forward to that with how much I loved the first one.

    But yesh, I got enough of hype already in my life waiting for HoT, so for now I’ll just stick to waiting for that, but it’s damn good to know you already have plans for the future.

  3. HOWDY!! GREAT illustration and happy anniversary!! **cuddles** Sorry for the late reply. CG1 is like the best adult furry sim out there on the internet! I LOVE IT! ROger and Max are like one of my favorite characters! IN CG2 you should try and do some voice-overs! How will CG2 turn out!? will it be a seaqul with the same and all or some characters in it!? Or will there be a whole new arc. EIther way Great work with Common Grounds and best wishes with “House of Trial” whether I play it or not.

    1. Thanks ^^

      Will definitely try voice acting.

      At this point, it’s actually looking like there might be two different versions… a sequel with brand new characters (more or less), and maybe an ‘expansion episodes’ where you pick up where you left off in the first one. (No promises!)

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