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Things aren’t working out for Zell.

Stuck in his hometown, going to the local college, living with his parents… he wants out. He spends most of his time alone reading his favorite author, Surfer Fox, who writes stories about love and romance, but mostly off the wall tales of juicy hot gay sex.

A surprise call from his childhood friend Roger leads to an invite into another town, a different college, and another chance at what he wants most: a boyfriend.

Roger promises a big surprise for him. Will he find what he’s looking for, or further lose himself into the fantasy world crafted by Surfer Fox?

Take on the role of Zell and make the choice!


Zell's profile


The main character tasked with a personal mission: to find a special someone before the end of the semester.

Roger's profile


A teacher at the local college, who lets Zell crash at his place. A nice guy, but there seems to be more to him than he lets on.

Troy's profile


Zell’s other childhood friend, excited that they’re now at the same school. He likes to joke that they’re brothers.

Andrew's profile


Works at the local coffee shop, Common Grounds. He often appears tired, busy, or preoccupied with his fur.

Chet's profile


Considers himself a master of ‘the game’ and takes Zell on as a student. He likes to brag, often seen arguing with Max.

Max's profile


A big tease and flirt who shares an apartment with Andrew. He has a reputation for being easy and doesn’t seem to care.

Ben's profile


Works as a resident assistant, or RA, for one of the dorms. Always happy and upbeat, most guys think he is out of their league.

AJ's profile


A friend of Ben’s who is in the school’s athletic department. A nice guy, but feels weird hanging around people as out as Ben.

Sebastion's profile


Shares a dorm room with Troy, and likes to keep to himself. Although he seems shy, he tends to freak out his close friends. You’ve been warned!

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