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Below you will find a variety of screenshots pulled from different parts of the game.

Sex Scenes
Story Scenes


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  • Use the daily planner to decide what to do every day, and use the phone to find and visit friends.
  • For every heart you fill with a character, you'll be treated to a special scene.
  • Try and max out all 5 hearts with someone before the end of the semester.

*Sex Scenes

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  • Use the mouse or keyboard to control the speed during sex, transition between positions, and to climax.
  • All scenes are fully animated.
  • Find these special scenes by visiting characters and filling hearts.

*Story Scenes

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  • Certain scenes occur at fixed times during the story, others only occur if you visit characters, and the rest depend on the choices you make.
  • You can customize how fast text displays and even turn on an 'Auto' feature which allows for hands-free playing.
Common Grounds cast of characters