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Crowdfunded Furry Games

January 27, 2013 in General, Other Games

It’s an interesting time for small studio furry gaming. We’ve recently been told about several projects trying the crowd-funded angle and thought we’d pass it along.

Just a note, but none of these are adult-oriented. None! Not a single one ;_;

Inherit the Earth 2

The first one has been around for quite a while and it’s good to see they’re ready to make the next! If it’s anything like the first, it should be a fun (and extremely furry) point and click adventure. Their goal is fairly ambitious, but understandable if they want something close to a full staff.

Link to their Kickstarter page: Inherit the Earth 2

*un*Lucky 7

Self described as a “horror, sci-fi themed, jRPG-view, story-driven, pixelart puzzle game”. Looks very nice. Interestingly, they only need 25% of their goal to make a full game, minus a lot of features that would be in if it was fully funded.

Link to their Indiegogo page: *un*Lucky 7

Beasts Fury

A street fighter game, whose producer has tried to get us on board many a time. While we love his passion for trying to make this happen, Team Fupoco is on a mission of love and, well… making furry porn. High class and quality porn, mind you!

Link to their Indiegogo page: Beasts Fury