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Crowdfunded Furry Games

January 27, 2013
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It’s an interesting time for small studio furry gaming. We’ve recently been told about several projects trying the crowd-funded angle and thought we’d pass it along.

Just a note, but none of these are adult-oriented. None! Not a single one ;_;

Inherit the Earth 2

The first one has been around for quite a while and it’s good to see they’re ready to make the next! If it’s anything like the first, it should be a fun (and extremely furry) point and click adventure. Their goal is fairly ambitious, but understandable if they want something close to a full staff.

Link to their Kickstarter page: Inherit the Earth 2

*un*Lucky 7

Self described as a “horror, sci-fi themed, jRPG-view, story-driven, pixelart puzzle game”. Looks very nice. Interestingly, they only need 25% of their goal to make a full game, minus a lot of features that would be in if it was fully funded.

Link to their Indiegogo page: *un*Lucky 7

Beasts Fury

A street fighter game, whose producer has tried to get us on board many a time. While we love his passion for trying to make this happen, Team Fupoco is on a mission of love and, well… making furry porn. High class and quality porn, mind you!

Link to their Indiegogo page: Beasts Fury

*Comments (11)

      1. They currently have it available over at wyrmkeep.com. I’m not sure if the one currently available is the original version, or if they have updated it for current os.
        I have played the original version, and if you enjoyed the old sierra adventure games it played a lot like that.

        1. Any way to get it in a bigger screen?
          I have it on full screen but it is in a tiny box.
          And some of the buttons I have to click a bunch before it indents.
          But I still like the game.
          I am playing the demo right now.

          1. I am not really sure on the bigger screen. I think that this was originally a dos game and I have not played the current versions. I played it about 6 years or so ago, and just remember that I had a hard time getting the sound to work, but that seemed to be a common issue of the time (yay midi’s)

  1. Man, I feel bad for these people.
    Inherit the Earth 2 sounded like it could’ve been something entertaining, but it’s gone now.
    Un-Lucky 7: they have Fox Amoore as composer, hahaha, wow, they didn’t even look for genre-appropriate furry musicians, did they?
    And that Beasts Fury game..? Is that a serious attempt to raise money? If I fund the project completely by myself, I get a character in the game!!!

    1. You’re telling me! Recently discovered Hudson Soft’s “Bloody Roar” series of fighting games, where instead of a super or special bar, you have ‘transform into a furry’ for a limited time XD

      1. I love bloody roar, played the first one when it first came out, I’ve been a gamer for all my life. I do mean that literally. lol I am good with the mole.

        Alice and Uriko are cheap >.> I hope this furry fighting game doesn’t have any cheap insta-kill moves.

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