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END OF 2015 Approaching Fast

December 18, 2015
in Games, House of Tail


Status: found core issue, working on it (will take a few days)… fixed, updating site… (will post when finished)

Emails: please give us a few days to catch up with responding 🙁

Holidays are kicking my ass.

We’ve been slow to respond to emails and such, and I apologize. Really, truly focusing on wrapping up House of Tail. So much so, that come the new year, I will most likely go into full hermit-mode, forsaking all worldly pleasures to crunch time! Forewarning: I might seem more crazy than usual. ha. ha. Will check emails and online stuff at least twice a week.

But where are we at? I hear the voices ask.

Right now:

– Re-coding the item and upgrade shop presently
– The equip, character, and level-up screens need to be fixed
– Some minor title menu adjustments
– release the next update

And so far as updates, I feel the need to stress that this isn’t meant to string people along or to make us go off track by having to service them. They will be extremely ‘work in progress’ feeling as the goal is a finished game. So large sections will be put in and will be smoothed-out once other sections are put in. A real behind-the-scenes of what a game looks like as it’s being worked on. For example, the next task is to put in all the story scenes, but without all the neat scripted effects. That gets added once the story and game aspects are OK’ed in their pacing and how they play, so we don’t waste time redoing things.

Basically, you don’t have to worry with or play through these upcoming updates at all. It’s a way for us to show at least some kind of thanks to all the early adopters and support. We will take note of bugs and suggestions, but don’t expect us to prioritize them until the game is on the verge of being finished as most of it should get worked out in finishing it.

Extremely excited about this project! Hell, furry game making in general. Is cool to see more people getting into it. Want to see more finished games, though. Doing our part~

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  1. Well good to see you’re still working on the game then. So there’s a incoming update soon I hope?

    Anyways keep it up, we still are waiting and watching here for more news’n’stuff. *grins* :3

    1. Really appreciate it 🙂

      Feels bad having to make everyone wait. Update is incoming, but figured out the issue people have been having with the site, and to no surprise at all, it will require a few days (maybe more?) to fix :/

      Hopefully will have that done before new year’s. And have cleared my free time for 2016 to be heavy crunch time, so the updates, once started, will come hard and often, and will be a bit messy till we reach the end together~

    1. In updating the entire website the past few days, I checked out the demo we have online in the first time in a long while.

      Can really see the difference between that and the current version. I just hope people will bear with us as most of the content will be added in after the next update. Entirely my fault, am ready to take my licks.

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