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*Frequent Asked Questions / Troubleshooting


  • I've lost my game / download link!

    Please send us an email.

    All we need is the email you used when you purchased it. If you can't remember or 'things have happened', we still might be able to help you -- try us! :)

  • When I buy a game, do you ship a copy or do I download it?

    You will be sent a download link from BMT Micro immediately.

    It doesn't expire, and we would be happy to help you if you ever need the link again.

  • Why don't you accept PayPal?

    Last we checked, it is against their terms of service to sell erotic software.


    It's perfectly fine to sell physical erotic goods, like CD's and DVD's. Weird, right?

    If interested, please contact us.

  • Can I offer my services or help out?

    Please view our Team Fupoco page!


  • When's the next game coming out?

    It's hard to set a date until we're very close - we like to build up to it and not release prematurely.

    Check out our journal to see what we're working on and where we're at.

  • Can you include my specific sexual interest?

    Odds are, we'd like to. Doesn't hurt to ask :)

    We feel our main interest ( it's furry, we don't take it for granted~ ) is niche enough without the need to focus on anything else exclusively. We like to focus on romantic relationships as well, which allows us to explore many different kinds of fantasies and characters.

  • Are your 3D models homemade?

    Yes, they are. Painfully so.

*Common Grounds

  • Will there be a sequel?

    Most likely, yes.

    As you finish the game and unlock characters, check the 'scene select' character-poses menu items for secret info and thoughts about what it might involve.

  • Will there be an expansion or add-on?

    It probably won't happen. Sorry :(

  • Will there be a Mac or Ubuntu version?

    Currently no, but it may happen at a later date. No promises though!

  • Can I transfer my demo save files into the full game?

    Please refer to this section in the manual: How to Transfer Demo Save Files into the Full Game

*Common Grounds Troubleshooting

  • I have purchased the full game and my download has expired!

    Please email or use our contact form.

    Let us know that you need to download the game's installer again and be sure to include the email address you used to purchase the game.

  • Norton Antivirus says the game is infected!

    Norton is notorious for false positives with its reputation scorer. "WS.Reputation.1" isn't an actual virus signature, but a guess likely based on the file not being digitally signed.

    You'll find the file is as clean as, well... a furry porn game can be ._.

    If it deletes the file after you download it, but before you can find or run it, you'll need to briefly disable Norton while installing.

  • Avast! Antivirus Auto Sandbox does not recognize the .exe as safe!

    Darcin, (in a journal comment,) offered some info and help:

    "The Auto Sandbox can be told not to run on the .exe, but if it does run, it will not allow any changes to be made to the computer or files by the game itself [...] this means that those who have avast! Antivirus might not be able to save their game unless they tell it that the file is safe.

    To avoid this, they should first click the avast! icon in their notification area to show the user interface, then they need to navigate to ''Additional Protection.'' Make sure you are at the ''AutoSandbox'' tab, click ''Settings,'' then set ''AutoSandbox mode'' to ''Ask'' (instead of ''Auto''). Next time you run the game's launcher, the notification will pop up and let you choose an action, choose the option that allows it to always run normally."

  • The game won't start, and I receive a ''floating point overflow'' error message!"]

    This is due to your ATI Catalyst Control Center video card settings.

    In the control center menu, (for me, I right-click my desktop and it's the top item named "ATI CATALYST(R) Control Center",) in the "3D" tab, select "All Settings", and make sure every Anti-Alias mode is either "application controlled" or no more than "2x".

  • ''Error defining an external function''!

    This means the game could not find or load its dll files.

    If you did not install the game into the installer's suggested default directory, try reinstalling. Depending on your permissions, the game cannot load or save files in certain folders.

    In rare circumstances this error will occur even if you have the correct permissions and the files are present. The only way to fix this is to restart your computer. It may take more than one restart, since it's an issue with a dll getting 'stuck' between other programs.

    Sounds goofy, I know. This should be fixed and we'll never have to worry with it again :)

  • ''File is not opened for reading'' error message!

    This is likely due to a lack of Windows administrator privileges, and can happen even if you are using an administrator account!

    To correct this, simply right click the game's shortcut or exe file, and select "Run as an administrator".

  • The graphics are not loading in Windows XP!

    Please run CommonGroundsXP.exe or CommonGroundsDemoXP.exe located in the start menu directory and in the installation folder.

*House of Tail

  • How close are you to finishing it?

    Story, scenes, dialogue: finished.
    Most of the coding is finished.
    We're working on the art, music, and sound. It's quite a lot. 100+ characters.

    Sorry for the delay. We didn't quite start out with a solid design. But now that we know what kind of game this will be, it's getting there. Personal life stuff has also attempted to derail the project on numerous occasions. This is incredibly understated, to say the least.