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HoT Menu Previews

March 13, 2014
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House of Tail story chapter screenshot

The title menu has been in need of an overhaul for a while. We’re not quite finished, but you can see that the characters have been moved to the corners and will move in circles instead of up and down, (hiding the cut-offs.)

And the chapter screens will have a lot more info, like star icons noting what you were able to do, to give the game some replayability, (and maybe requirements for a best ending~)

House of Tail victory screenshot

When you complete a goal, you’ll receive a message and possible rewards to choose from. The game should feel a lot more fleshed out next update~

And special thanks to everyone helping flesh out the list of furry porn (or just sexualized/mature) games over on the forums (topic/furry-porn-game-master-list/).

It’s getting to be a decent size, and we hope to do some fun things with it ^^

*Comments (4)

  1. That’s good to know, I really can’t wait to see the new update out then.

    As suggetions, maybe adding on some new chars, removing the ponies ones, put on some anims gif, on the characterss “hiring” put on a bio of hte char itself clicking on it with some poses and a detailed description instead to see it when you put the mouse pointer on it.

    Dercrease some hiring price of some chars es: the dragon cunt boy is 6000+ seems a bit too high. Put on a story for/between characters, make a choice for who’s the player “identify itself” when playing, mean choice one chars and plays as it.

    Make a better looks of the house, like a 2d building with choices when you adds rooms, with maybe “interactive rooms”, who’s show the actions inside 😉 *grins*

    Feels free to add my chubby skonk char into the game for free, surely I’ll likes it *giggles*

    Keep it up with the development of this game!! ^^

    Just some kinky suggestions and ideas, if you thinks are nice and useful then.


    1. We think they are very nice and useful suggestions, thanks ^^

      Definitely plan on doing most of that. Ponies got to go, working on animations (maybe just full screen ‘special ones’ though, but who knows,) and updating the hire menu would be cool.

      Gave me an interesting visual idea, to do a slight isometric look for the houses, where you can view different floors. Might be too much to work in at this point in development though.

      Story chapters will have a main character who the player ‘is’, and casual play should allow players to make up their own ^^

      1. That’s sounds really nice, so keep it up with it then! On my pre-post forget to put a link for a ref pic of my fursona, but was unsure if I can or if are interested so not have posted it.

        Anyways if interested, I can post a link then, and glad you liked my suggestions, maybe can post some more on the future.


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