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HoT Rep Up Screenshot

March 11, 2013 in Common Grounds, Games, House of Tail

House of Tail

House of Tail Reputation Up screenshot
Rep Up!

The level up screen is more or less coded and drawn. We will definitely need some fanfare music to accompany those trumpets and confetti. Skills are assigned by a character’s class. You can sometimes gain new ones, but each character can only have 6 at most, so you may have to forget one.

Looking at the picture, I should note that the level up screen is the only place the ‘alt’ image of a character is shown currently, besides during the endings. The game is very modular, and we will add content and more story modes after the initial release, so it’s always on our mind about how else to use things.

I think an obvious use would be to add in a tiny story arch for each character that uses a mix of their pose and pinup pictures, but at the same time, we are a bit hesitant to add in too much text or any second person erotic literature “You do this and they moan and sex” kind of thing. While it’s cool for visual novels or text adventures, I don’t think it fits here. Maybe some variant? Who knows!

Common Grounds

common grounds erotic troy chet fan art by kit
Fan art page updated
with another lovely pic by Kit Hawking!

Review page updated as well with some very flattering words. Maybe too flattering! But appreciated all the same 🙂