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HoT Update Incoming

June 2, 2016
in Games, House of Tail

By the time you see this, a new version of House of Tail should be up.

To download the update, simply download it again from the BMT Micro email link and reinstall. If you can’t find it, we would be happy to resend it to you, just ask~

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Update News

This update shows off the new structure and visuals, and is more or less a stable release.

The next set of updates will definitely be more prone to bugs and spoilers (if you play through the story mode), so you may want to avoid it if you want your first play-through to be when everything’s polished and ‘there’. Otherwise, there will be lots of placeholders and debug stuff, which can be cool to see.

If you find any bugs or issues, we’d love to hear them and add to our list. Please keep in mind we might not address them just yet in favor of getting more of the bulk of the game in place.

The big thing is we don’t want to take your support for granted. At the end of the day, we all want to play the finished game, we want it to be something special, and that’s what we’re aiming for. In the meantime, we can show you how silly and chaotic it will get in development, if you want to look. We’re not sure we want to handle pre-orders like this ever again, and are thinking of additional ways to thank those of you who have or are taking a chance on it before it’s finished.

merek formerly murguy

Next Up

Will try and post more often, as we’re finally entering back into the fun parts.

Past week has been an intense search & destroy for bugs and issues, so you could have a stable update.

Next, I need to go over the game design document one last time and make sure everything checks out. Spent the past few weeks going through the story doc with Whry many, many times checking plot threads, resolutions, twists, and for holes. RPG sized story here. We feel the story’s great, just need to make sure the game play matches it. Making sure game elements are introduced at a good pace and varied, so it doesn’t turn into a chore or ‘waiting for the next scene’ kind of deal.

Am super excited about everything! This is going to get crazy.

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  1. Well this is sure as heck a wonderful tease I must say, played around with it a fair bit and things seem really solid. But its nothing really ‘new’ yet. But there are alot of hints of what it will become and this post of yours hinting at even more just makes me all the more keen.

    But onto the more serious side of things, I for one have to say I’ve never regretted preordering the game and I’m not just saying that because I’m in the game. You’ve always been honest, keeping us updated and sometimes just admitting out right you are sorry for the delay in updates.

    I’m not sure if I speak for everyone but myself I would rather wait and play the game you promised us then play a halfhearted attempt to make furry porn. I’m looking forward to playing this game and seeing the story and I’m sure I speak for all now when I say I keenly await the next update.

    1. You’re very kind. Am open to criticism, but encouragement is cool too ^^

      It often feels overwhelming with the amount left to put in, and how it might look from the outside of what seems to be there. (So much engine and design issues solved in this update.) It’s also super motivating, both in the support and the chance to make what amounts to a kind of hybrid rpg sim.

  2. Its really good to see the game coming along now, gets me more excited to play the final version too. Just finished playing around with the new update, definitely feels more polished and I’m really looking foreward to the story mode, you have a very diverse character roster in the game I’d say ^^

    1. In regards to the diverse character roster, a lot of what’s there is from when we took character requests to quickly build up the roster before we had our own characters designed. And since then, we have learned there’s a distinct drawback…

      Original characters are fine, every work has them more or less, but it’s always jarring when you see something with lots of OC’s that don’t seem connected to the setting, each other, or in their visual design.

      Because of that, we are very likely going to try and work with the owners of those OC’s to better fit them in. At some point. On the to-do list.

  3. The new version is looking good. Some of the disabled mechanics from previous versions (I’ve kept for debugging and comparison reasons) such as the stats and rep-up were missed, but the refined look and new UI is nice. Keep it up!

    1. Am glad you’re digging it 🙂

      Realized things like the save/load system takes too much time to maintain when adding in stuff. Have to bring it back before we can call it finished.

      The rep-up is in there, have to use the chair~~~ will make all the sense. at some point. going to be fun.

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