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House of Tail development plan

June 22, 2015
in Games, House of Tail

house of tail old vs new house room graphic
quick teaser: new vs old house graphics

RARE REAL LIFE UPDATE: been busy working on a roof. It’s really hot outside. Speaking of HOT…

Development Plan

The ultimate goal is for you to have a finished game. Playable, polished, the whole shebang. To that end, everything else has taken a backseat, such as releasing more unfinished versions.

Currently we are updating the graphics and code to support a high resolution. We’ll post a new version once that’s done and notify everyone who has bought a copy.

Next will be working in the main game, which is mostly story and has already been written: scenes, dialogue, and all. We’ll try to post new versions once we get chapters in place (no emails though, don’t want to spam). But, fair warning: there won’t be any polish or ‘finality’ to it. It’s a first pass; things will be adjusted, added, and removed.

Next will be a pass for balancing, polishing, all that extra jazz that makes a game feel complete and fully realized. Music and most of the sound will likely be added here, along with most of the fullscreen ‘intimate moments’.

Lastly one last pass to make sure everything is as it should be. Will finalize the title screen menus and casual mode. An email to everyone to let them know it’s more or less finished. Fix up the website (long overdue.) And maybe some ‘bonus’ stuff after that. maybe.

So don’t worry! Too deep to get out now~

The funny thing about this kind of talk is who cares once it’s finished. Really is the goal.

*Comments (8)

  1. So I don’t visit the site often, but I swear every time I do and there is an update it just makes me want this amazing sounding game even more.

    Am glad to hear an update and I love the features you are adding and the direction you are going with this game.

  2. Yay I like all the new updates to make it fleshed out even more!
    I have followed the game since it’s very starting. 🙂
    Cannot wait for the update to come out!
    I so want to play it! Hehe

  3. Bit of a random question, what is the current build of HoT? I bought and played the game back in 2013, but haven’t really looked into the game since then.
    Now the game popped into my mind again and I began wondering if the build is still the same one as in 2013?
    Based on the comments above, it seems people are still looking forward to it. :>

    1. current build is 5.31.13, so yes ;_;

      Is cool people are looking forward to it, but honestly it does feel silly to go this route. Would rather be just like ‘BAM’, here’s another completed game. Lots of learning experience going through this one.

      And thanks to you and everyone for keeping it in mind. Can’t thank you enough.

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