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Please Read – Windows 7 Users

March 15, 2012
in Common Grounds, Games

I will be out of town from March 16-19, so please forgive me if I’m slow to respond to emails.

UPDATE 1: Seems to be as simple as requesting admin privileges. Checking…

UPDATE 2: Also noticed daily visit animations were no longer animating. Fixed.

UPDATE 3: Resent the game to everyone and explained what happened.

What happened…

your pal Kaive

Common Grounds Released

March 13, 2012
in Common Grounds, Games

Except I’m taking it down for a while :X

It should be back up after I run the game one last time to make sure everything is working as it should.

The memory issue I thought I fixed was still there. It wasn’t as bad, but it was still there! UNACCEPTABLE!!! So I went crazy-like-a-fox on the code, pulled an all-nighter, and done. Even improved other things, like changing the program icon to a high-res / multi-sizable one.

I will be sending an email to those who have purchased a copy with the updated 1.3 version.

I can’t thank you enough. There were many times I secretly worried this was all silly and that nobody was that interested. And you proved me wrong. I won’t let you down! More games–let’s do this!!

your pal Kaive

Bug fixing nightmare pre release

March 4, 2012
in Common Grounds, Games

I’ve read about ‘crunch time’ for game developers. I felt like I’ve been living it for the past year, (off and on,) but it wasn’t until this weekend that I finally witnessed the complete terror of it all.

It goes something like this…

your pal Kaive

Fancybox conflict in WordPress

February 28, 2012
in Website

or help! fancybox stalls when loading my images

Sorry for the weird topic. I just want people desperately seeking help to find it.

How I fixed a strange issue with the game’s image gallery…

your pal Kaive

Common Grounds Website and Instruction Manual

February 23, 2012
in Common Grounds, Games

Finished (for the most part) with what I guess we’ll call version 3 of the site.

Common Ground’s homepage is now online! I uploaded the game’s manual too, which is worth checking out if you’re curious how the game will play.

All that’s left is to announce the official release! Stay tuned…

your pal Kaive

Wacky Porn Game 3D Issues

October 7, 2011
in Common Grounds, Games

or  “Things I’ve had to deal with while working on Common Grounds…”

Chief among them has been the 3D program, Anim8tor.

It’s not entirely bad, in fact I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to make 3D. It has the most simple and straight-forward user interface I have ever seen for this kind of software, and that’s saying something!

That said, there are certain issues…

your pal Kaive

Damn Accountants

September 22, 2011
in Website

They took our top ranking on google for our own company name ;_;

It’s funny cause google will go to the misspelling with a “search instead for fupoco” at the top. It’s no worry, really truly. But when we get this show on the road, I don’t want to see certain accountants who like dancing metaphors complaining if their name brings up furry porn. I doubt it ever will, we do have different names, but just saying. It’d be hilarious.

Update notes about the game and website…

your pal Kaive

Making guys have sex is hard work!

September 9, 2011
in Common Grounds, Games

Been working on Common Grounds’ sex scenes. I call them “yiff scenes” in the code – is it too silly to use the term? In all honesty, I like the term yiff because it makes it sound harmless, like the difference between ‘visual novel’ and ‘comics’. Nothing against either, just want to keep things light and fun. I’ve made my share of heavy handed work…

common grounds andrew yiff 1        common grounds andrew yiff 2

(click to view)

Here’s two pictures to show ACTUAL PROGRESS. I kid you not. I’m really working on it!

The reason this is taking so long, at least now, are rendering and putting together these sequences. I’ll get into it more later–back to work!

your pal Kaive

This is Happening

August 30, 2011
in Website

After a long hiatus, I am back. I never left, actually, but I’ve been neglecting the site, which has been very unacceptable.

The idea is I post here with what I’ve been working on. With pictures, of course. We’ll have to go one more post without one, since I’ve spent most of today’s time working out kinks in the website.

Until I actually write some game reviews or other things, I need to reword the scope of the ‘bonus’ section. I know it’s an exotic menu item, but I like the idea of a catch-all place full of game-related or general furry porn. For instance, I’ve been collecting some hilarious pictures of mainstream furry perversion. In fact, that’s pretty much the theme here, just silly ‘Fupoco-esque’ takes on harmless things.

Tomorrow I will resume work on Common Grounds and finish making a temporary teaser page for it.

your pal Kaive

Finishing Website, v2

April 27, 2011
in Website

It’s almost done, I swear!

Decided I need an official first post, (and delete all the crazy test ones before it.)

Currently finishing up the look of this page, the forum, common grounds, bonus stuff, and adding in the mailing list. AND THEN it’ll be time to actually finish up Common Grounds. I’ll probably resume work there regardless, so please excuse the lack of polish on the website in the meantime.

About the mailing list: I don’t plan on using it very much, just to let people know when I actually do finish games or have deals on games. That kind of stuff. Stuff for the true fans or fan-curious.