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Minor Common Grounds Script Fix

January 12, 2014
in Common Grounds, Games

Common Grounds

Extremely minor update…

In one of Andrew’s bonus content script files, there’s a secret code that requires you to edit the game’s settings, (the ‘ini file’.) The location of the file that the game tells you was only good for Windows XP users, and was incorrect for those of you with newer versions of Windows. The correct folder is “%username%/appdata/local/Common Grounds/”.

The game has been updated and if you’ve purchased it, you are welcome to download it again. If your download has expired or is not working, please let us know and we’ll be happy to fix that 🙂

(House of Tail updates are forthcoming! A threat and a promise!!)

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  1. Can I still download mine even though I was a doofus and printed off the receipt but did not do it for the actual download link before I deleted that. 🙁

    Can I email you the receipt numbers and get the email with the download link again or do I need to re-buy the game again?

    1. You are cool, we haven’t updated House of Tail yet ^^;

      When we do, all you need to do is download the game again from the BMT Micro link.

      Will try and post an upate about where we’re at on the game. We’re aiming to have the tutorial and first chapter ready for the next version. Sorry for the wait!

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