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July 16, 2013
in Games, General, House of Tail

It’s taken a while to settle back into things after Anthrocon, but we’re super excited to get back to work! It was a great experience, and incredibly motivating to see all the talent and cool people in the fandom.

Presently, we’re going through House of Tail’s design document to map out everything that needs doing, so we can have an end in sight. While it may not seem like it now, it’s going to be a fairly large and beefy game. We’re aware of and working on one nasty bug that makes the online version unplayable. Besides fixing that, we want to focus on adding new content rather than all these bug fix updates.

We’ve also been testing animation options, and I don’t mean to tease, but it’s looking like it may just happen! Not exactly easy, but not outside the realm of possibility.

A big shout out to MadCatMax, who has officially joined the team as “Music Guy” (name pending), and Firewolfe for the dedicated playtesting of HoT! You guys are awesome.

And thanks again to everyone buying copies of House of Tail! We’re all kinds of excited to begin adding the really juicy stuff :3

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  1. Mmm juicy stuff.

    Ahem sorry, also glad you’ve got new staff to help the team out, can’t wait to see what this brings and adds already to a great little group.

    Its great that you guys are already working on adding new stuff rather then just doing bug fixes too, nothing worst then waiting for an update only to find, ‘oh nothing has changed at all’ and such.

    Also the question on my mind, animations, is this planned/possibly animated scene’s or just idle and background stuff?

    Still thanks for the game, still enjoy it even now and still am glad I brought it too, can’t wait to see and play more.

      1. I love the sound of possible, even limited animations. It may still be a maybe, but I’m crossing fingers. z: )

        Glad you had a good time at AC, also glad to hear that you’re back I’m afraid, because I’m still eagerly awaiting updates! ^.^

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