*Team Fupoco

Fupoco is made up of a small team of creative-types with a focus on adult oriented, furry video games.

We are not hiring.

But, we are interested in contract work and partnerships with those who share our passion. If interested or if you have any questions, please read the below first and then send us a message. Thanks!


Before you send us anything... Submission Agreement
Please read!!

By sending us ANYTHING, be it text, pictures, gallery links, or star charts, you agree *not* to accuse us of stealing your ideas. If you're one to act or think that way, we don't want to hear from you!

Thanks for your interest! - your fupoco pals

*Voice Actors

Our needs are light and heavy character line reading, some of which might require a 'bedroom voice', moans, and the likes.

We're still working out the details and it may take some time before we're ready to audition, but please email us if interested. We would love to add you to our private contact roster. All genders and voice types are welcome.

*Visual Artists, Musicians

Visual artists: we are looking to contract art in the near future, specifically 2d explicit/erotic character work.

Musicians: we will be looking for music in the near future, new or previously released to the public.

We'd love to know if you're interested. Be sure to include samples of your work, preferably links to your gallery or portfolio.

Due to the nature of our project concerns, it might take a while until we're ready to work with anyone. Having the patience to stick with things is a big plus, along with the understanding that we are very busy and opportunities will take time.

*Writers, Coders, Game Designers

We are not interested in making your game.

We know that might sound harsh, but please respect the time and effort we're using to make these things. It takes a lot of passion to get things done on an indie level, and the source of that for us is in our own never-ending list of game and story ideas. Is cool to talk stories, code, and design with us, though.

We are interested in partnerships. See below.

*Game Makers & Developers

We know how difficult it is to create, publish, and market digital erotica and are open to partnering with you or your team in some kind of a professional relationship.

Cross-promotions, fun game tie-ins, bouncing ideas and feedback around, someone to vent to, a shoulder to nom on, help with accepting online payments, long walks by the shore and candlelight dinners...

Please contact us and let's be friends. Maybe something more? Professionally speaking, of course.

*Game Reviewers

Most games have a well-established platform of review / article / journal sites thirsty to review and bark endlessly about them.

We are interested in growing the 'erotic games, furry audience' platform. Or finding wherever it can be found.

If you review or cover such things on some website in an entertaining and/or professional way, please let us know! We are also interested in writing our own reviews, and would be eager to team up and cross-publish or promote each other's work.

*Physical Retail & Distributors

Have a store, convention presence, catalogue, or such that might be open to carrying our stuff? How about merch opportunities?

Doesn't hurt to establish relations. We can take it slow. Get to know each other first. See what happens.