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    Well the sheer amount of system memory avaiable isn’t the issue, its the memory getting allocated that’s becoming fragmented is the issue (this link explains a bit more in depth: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Memory_Leak ) which is why sites with more graphics load slower, to the point of crashing(such as FA or e621) when in reality it has nothing to do with the site at all these links for firefox might be helpful ( https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-uses-too-much-memory-ram and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/memory-fox/?src=search (not avaiable on Linux, but I do use it for firefox through Wine) as for chrome, well, they fixed some of it but you are still a bit fucked ( https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=113983 , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome ) there should probably be ways for the server end to help with these issues(such as using more text and less images, but this doesn’t work for all sites) but yeah, as far as I kann tell, its mostly a browser issue, haven’t had any issues on Midori, but that might be because there’s not much to the browser 😛


    Well, even after allocating more space to my browser cache (600MB, up from 350MB), the online version still starts failing as soon as the double rooms are added to the house…


    I don’t know then, maybe its just Windows 😛 I’ve never had the problem myself, even on Firefox.


    I’m experiencing problems with the game crashing as well.
    I was able to do it every time I tested it in the current build, and curiously it also seems to happen (without fail) as soon as I manage to finish building a room for 2.
    Specifically, the game itself becomes laggy and unresponsive, most of the graphics mess up, and trying to continue playing can cause all manner of weirdness to occur (assuming you can manage to get it to do anything).

    I do not believe the problem is a memory leak, and the bug (in my case, at least) is definitely not dependent on how long I’ve been playing (it always happens when I first complete construction on a double room, whether I take my time or do it ASAP).
    For the record, I am using Firefox on Windows 7. I am also playing the online version and, for me at least, Firefox itself does not stop working, just the game (I have a freshly crashed game open as I type this now, lol).

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 7 months ago by  Justa Puppet.

    Double room, hm. Am very sure it’s something I coded wrong and not a browser issue (would be bad otherwise, as we might have to remove the online version.)

    In the near future, I’ll likely code it so it loads some graphics on use, and not all at once at the start. This way, it’ll be easier to manage the two versions, as there will be graphics in the PC version not found online.

    Thanks to everyone for the help and finding things! Will get on it~


    I am also getting the same bug with the double rooms . If it helps , the version prior to this update had no problem .

    I am also using windows 7, i tried this on both firefox and chrome .


    i being being debuging the game with firefox , see like you got a javascript error ?

    [14:55:46.450] TypeError: pmf is undefined @ http://fupoco.com/downloads/hot/hotstuff/hot.js?JIMZB=1461487822:1219

    hope this helps you fix the isseue


    I’m going to run both versions on my partners comp if he’ll let me, so I can see how Windows 7 handles things. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier, but I’m curious to see what happens on IE.


    UPDATE: Internet Explorer test has been posted. The online build didn’t fare well on this one. I won’t bother testing 07.01.13 on his machine, since my older machine runs the game just fine and his computer is able to run circles around me, lol!


    The online version should be fixed~

    The issue was the charm % text underneath the room price for double rooms. It’s been removed, and the game is working like it used to.

    Am going to focus on putting in new content and finalizing layout/gui design stuff. That is unless, anyone finds more bugs 😎


    I am happy to report that I was able to play through with a fully built house and no issues!


    So it’s probably a bit late to say this, but I have a problem with double rooms too, I’ve noticed I can kinda fix it temporarily by dropping another character into it right after building it, if a double room ever has only 1 character in it, the game goes weird and crashes if I do much of anything else.


    erf… well, I guess you updated since I had the problem, since it’s not happening now, I’ma dumb, you can ignore my last post XD


    Had me worried, the same thing happened to me while testing the fix ^^;


    yupe , the bug is fixed . tested on both chrome and firefox

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