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    @kaive Because I can not stress this enough. Remove copyright material from the game- or at least for the PAID FOR VERSION. And obviously the only thing I see is MLP right now. Kaive, unless you want Hasbro coming after your ass (- pardon my french but I’ve seen this waaaay too many times to just let what should be considered stupidity at this point go-) or any other company for future ‘copyright’ material. You MIGHT get away with it on the web version, since its free. But to include it in the download is making money off of characters not even yours.

    – To Add To That –
    FANS IN NO WAY SHOULD SUGGEST ACTUAL COPYRIGHT MATERIAL TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN ANY GAME YOU NEED TO PAY FOR. As a company, Fupoco should be original. Again, its just plain stupidity to add something without permission from the owners of [insert character here].

    Now, enough with the important bit. Lets get down to ideas and suggestions for the game.

    – Story Mode –
    Whats already obvious is you need to have the characters have a purpose. Why are they doing what they do? Is it because they like it? Are they forced to? Why did they go into this kind of thing to begin with.

    As most stories, there needs to be a beginning and end. The cause, the adventure, and the finale. Of course think about an open ending too. To load your save at the end to find that you can still do things. For instance, you can have it like Metroid-esque games and have it save before the finale, allowing you to do whatever. Or, you can go the Pokemon-esque route, and have a final goal (even though the game is never truly completed). Just something to consider.

    Possibly have a way where you can build other buildings. Remember the Tycoon games? Of course you do! Spend days constructing them. Or maybe you need a certain stat to build a certain building? Maybe the buildings can rank up with there being a max level where ones usefulness can increase with a special effect at max? For example, The Inn or Hospital can gain the properties of each other so you can heal AND rest.

    Obviously make sure each NPC and character has their own uses! Don’t rely on random number generators for stats, prices, etc etc.

    Be slightly more realistic. What do I mean? Well who the hell can have 300 clients in one day? Not even furries can do that. Maybe with stat increases, instead of having more clients- the clients pay more due to the high quality, and it attracts better clients. Higher the Rep should be focused on Quality over Quantity.

    *Will think of more soon*

    – Casual Mode –
    Besides an ‘Endless mode’, I don’t really have any gripes. I feel like any suggestions I make above also apply here.

    010 Current Bugs 010
    None that I can find yet. Every once in a while though it will crash Waterfox- but unsure if that has to do with your code or maybe its just Waterfox.

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    Have never heard of Waterfox until now. . .

    * MLP stuff
    Parody covers commercial work, though I do agree with your sentiment. It would be one thing if we were using their artwork, exact characters or names. So while we might be okay legally, it doesn’t mean we’re protected from suit, and more importantly if the fans are uneasy about it, then it needs to be changed.

    * Story mode
    Our current plans are more of. . . following individual character arcs rather than a one size fits all story. I.e. multiple stories with different setups and goal variations.

    Good ideas about upgrading places. For the next house you could buy, am thinking the player should have more say in the types of rooms to add. Like a bar, dance floor, stage with poles for dancing~

    No random stats or anything. The skills should help define characters much more than their stats.

    Agreed about the customer numbers. Currently 1 rep = 1 customer, and advertising is that plus a hustle bonus, which is currently a bit too much. Design wise, I don’t think we can do the higher rep = less customers without breaking the balance, since the house pools the customers. And it’s pretty funny to see a character take 30+ customers XD watch their condition plummet. It will have to be tongue in cheek, there’s no way around that with this kind of game.

    (And i see ellipses are being hidden unless you space them, so bizarre. will have to look into that later.)


    I’ve known of Waterfox, even used it for a while. Its a third-party 64-bit variant of Firefox. The main advantages are the fact that it is natively 64-bit, and it supports 64-bit plugins for flash, java, etc.


    I agree with the OP on most issues. Putting in MLP stuff is risky and I’d be in favour of taking it out even if it weren’t; I’m not a fan of MLP and whilst I respect that many enjoy it, I myself find it like a spreading rot in the fandom. z: )

    I definitely like the sound of your future pans Kaive, both in terms of a greater variety of rooms and customisability of their layout and individual arcs for characters within an otherwise sandbox environment. Sounds like an already fun and catchy game is only going to become more so. Both me and my partner have been playing it, whilst spying over each other’s shoulders at how the other has been doing. ^.^

    I’m definitely chucking you the £7 your game currently works out to after my next payday. I’ll be spreading the word about too.


    I am not a big fan of mlp myself.
    I think there should of been some male ponies added to though. xD

    I don’t know if they are some one’s fursona or if Kaive just added them in?
    I know there was a role call of characters that I just happen to see on here one day. 🙂

    Hard to say though as I know that some do have MLP Fursona’s in this fandom.


    Well agreed about copyrighted chars, also not a huge fan of MLP’s too.

    The game as I see and played it online is amusing but at long time a little boring, maybe can be interesting with some add ons, as some hott characters pics as they’re “put” on the rooms at the day.

    I find interesting the idea above about upgrade/build up a building for example the hospital/inn adding more rooms on pay to build to allow multiple characters recover.

    Maybe a shop where’s get such outfit or kinky stuff as “toys” and set them to them as RPG alike stile and /or doing some add-ons stats/skill/quality as they lvl up.

    Maybe some sex animation like common grounds where control the action.

    Anyways just suggestion and keep it up with the good works dudes ^^


    We’ve been talking about the MLP stuff, and have decided to alter them to where they’re *at worst* derivative designs (species/color/etc change). Essentially, removing them. Much thanks to Sparky and everyone else who brought it up.

    I think it’s best if we leave fan-made stuff for others, as tempting as it can be. So thanks again for making sure we stay classy~

    Game will have outfits and things as items :3 and the skills are sorely missing on the level up screens. Some skills will be more or less qualities or stat adjustments.

    Sex animations… we could try to work some in, but they’d be like, gif pixel art style, not flash or vector. We’ll see what happens when we get farther along.


    I would personally love, LOVE to see Theme Park esque 8-bit sprites working, interacting and yiffing around the HoT, but that sounds like it would be another game altogether to code and art.


    I was not looking forward to the MLP characters of HoT, but after playing it, they were in my top 10 in the game. If they were straight rips off the show, that’d be a little strange, but I liked them as the parodies they were.


    Most of my suggestions are addressed already, but I’ll add this one:
    Tutorial/Quick-Start guide; a basic run-down of the game mechanic and which buildings do what.


    Also noticed when any character ‘Reps Up’, the trumpets and banners block the stats. Maybe relocate the stats to underneath the character portraits?


    Disregard that last one… derp.


    That blank spot underneath the stats are where skills will appear on the level-up. We put the stats there so you could use those to help determine which skills to increase, and also in case we wanted to add in random stat bonuses like in some RPGs.

    The in-game tutorial might not be in the next update, but we’d like to have some kind of manual online by then.

    8 bit sprite action will have to wait for another game~ (who knows, though)


    Wow, this post got more active than I thought. In any case, the animation idea would be amazing. Even if they’re simplified pixel animations. I’m not gonna lie, kind of a sucker for pixel-style action ><; 8~16 bit of course. I just.. the game needs to be more dynamic to keep my attention. I need to see the life of the game- not just seeing X’s turn into money when you start your day.

    Put little pixel things or simple animations in the background. For example, maybe darker shades traveling across the ground to show that there are moving clouds above blocking out the sun. Maybe put a flag or two up to show that there is wind. Good examples of low end dynamics would be found on games like RCT and Mario Party 1~3.

    There should be more pictures too when Rep’ing up. Either that, or maybe show different images depending on the items/outfit you’re wearing. I know that means more drawings, but you dont have to do full drawings.

    Like I said, I’m a sucker for the style sprites you put on FA. >< Not saying that everyone else is.

    Another thing. You should maybe add a clock in game. Maybe some things take less time than the whole day. Healing, hiring, stuff like that. That would be asking for you to code much more, but they are ideas and suggestions.


    Have been thinking of adding special map effects, as I appreciate how a little background animation can bring things to life too. The problem is we can’t go too crazy since frame rate is already an issue for the online version. Maybe on the PC, eventually.

    Good suggestions/ideas. Will see what we can do. While I doubt we’ll add more rep-up pics, we should add a ton of scene specific ones for the story mode.

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