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    Good ideas all around. The skills are based on the class (under their name next to their gender) and I still need to organize at what rep does the character acquire them and more stat adjusting. In fact, I’d like to go through everything this week to better balance stuff–it’s all very rough and meant more to simply get things in place.

    I’d probably code it where that text file you mention would be what the game looks for and loads (not sure if that’s what you meant).

    Would love to allow people to create their own scenarios, but I think it might be way too complicated given all the ‘hooks’ and checks in the start-the-day code. Will keep in mind the possibility while working with it, as I don’t want to write it off. Very good idea about using a simple check box for loading custom characters or not.


    “I’d probably code it where that text file you mention would be what the game looks for and loads (not sure if that’s what you meant).”

    I’ll clarify, no worries. For the .txt checking code, I was referring to a way to be able to edit the file without worrying about crashing the game due to an existing character profile, or ending up with duplicate characters that the user couldn’t remove from play.

    This is mostly a speculative step, since I’m not sure how the game handles character files; if it’s a simple matter of the game scanning and reading the .txt file or if it embeds the character data from the .txt and into the master files and uses it there.

    If it simply picks up the .txt, then the copy-proofing step would not be needed and you can completely disregard my rambling, hehe! If the game embeds the data into the master code, then that is where the step would come into play. That way the player won’t accidentally have tons of duplicates or possibly crash the game and have to re-install.

    I’m thinking the game would have to embed the data, however, due to the skill selection process. Whereas the stats are a stationary and consistent set of data that is always present, the skills are unique and have to be selected to fit that character. The only other way I can think of to add the skills without embedding the data, would be to have a secondary code string in the .txt file. The skills would be assigned numbers (00 through 012, or how ever many individual skills are in the game) and would be in a separate string. Dredging up my previous example, it would look something like this:



    Name: Bowtie
    Sex: Male
    Bio: Blue tiger and snow leopard mix, tall and toned, stern but caring. Will only top, very dominant in bed.
    Impressions: There’s a regal air about him. Has a thing for his hind paws being played with.

    The second line of attribute code would assign the skills for the character using the above mentioned assigned numbers. I tossed random numbers in, but it would basically be handled thus: [02,11,06,08] => Shrewd(02),Bookish(11),Scholar(06),Domesticated(08)

    At this point, I’d suggest a character creation manual to be handled by a separate readme file, given the amount of information mostly related to the stat/skill mechanics >_> Including it in the ‘How to Play’ would make for a long and cumbersome file. Usually, this is the case with so many games I’ve played and ended up creating a new file and copy/pasting the relevant info to have both manuals open at once to cut down scrolling time (or at the extreme end, printing a 200-page file and putting the manual in a binder! I’m looking at you, Sierra On-Line.)

    I think I need to stop now, I went way beyond overboard, lol!


    All very curious stuff, the development of this game seems quite interesting.

    Firewolfe’s post made me think; One of the main issues with employee tiredness is the limited number of potential employees available and his character generation system had me thinking; What if you had a distinct difference between defined characters who may have story arcs and dialogue etcetera as well as more ‘generic’ employees who have generic pictures for their species, basic class and gender and given generated names? It would make your employee roster more of a dynamic number which you might want to adjust that number negatively to deal with losses and overburdening, where currently you wouldn’t want to sell a character, ever, because they’re one of a finite number and could never be replaced even in sunnier times.

    I did have another thought on the low-def retro animated sprites thing;, a lower effort solution which still offers some titillation; Instead of facing the prospect of animating the whole house, just allow players to click on an item in the daily log to see a simplistic 4-frame re-enactment of events. You could use that implementation to make the daily log more of an active thing, where you see each event getting jotted down as it’s happening, giving the player more involvement with events, (“Oooh, Skunky just had a hard time…” even better if you saw / clicked through each event as it happened amd perhaps have an easily accessible tickbox for just speeding through) and if not giving the player the opportunity to make reassignments mid-day, this could at least give a window to introduce boss battles and other special events (a log entry flashes, the game’s progress halts and a splash screen flies up…) The main labour would be in creating the sprite positioning methods and drawing the sprites for specific characters, whereas customers and generic employees could share sprite pools.

    Please excuse the idea dump. Something about a developing adult furry management game has me inexplicably keen and excited. z: )


    Have me wanting to just skip ahead to character creator stuff already ^^

    To make things easier for people who like to edit text files, I’d probably use ini files. So they’d look something like:

    name=”Yo Noid”
    class=”Pizza Man”


    And error check the data as it’s loaded, so if hustle is over 100, it would be set to 100. If we go with txt files, I have a tendency to just dump random data in there, use new lines instead of commas, and hash tag it all up. But I’d also like to have an in-game way to create and manage custom characters, so that would be the focus.

    That is pretty clever! Can image little pixel sprites showing the action instead of boring text on the feedback banner. Not sure if we can squeeze that in, but definitely something to keep in mind.

    Have actually been looking into various 2d animation options the past couple of days. Hopefully something comes out of it.

    I like the idea about important story characters verse extras. Things should make more sense once we put the story mode into the game. The casual mode is supposed to include everyone and not have hard requirements like the story mode will so far as who you need to have and who is available.


    I can see where the .ini format would be practical, programming-wise, and it’s not too different from what I had in mind, just the vertical orientation of the attribute code from what I can tell. It’s been a loooooong time since I wrote anything beyond basic HTML, so I’ll have a look at .ini files. They seem reasonable enough :V


    Not so much suggestions in this post, more of revisiting previous ideas in light of recent game updates.

    – The issue of health and protection has been eased considerably with the new lowered volume and greater income mechanic. I can rotate and revive workers at a more manageable pace than before. However, an expandable inn would still be a great help, especially for longer gameplay.

    – Obedience point gain has been helped by the recent additional skills, however an obedience school would still be a welcome addition (some workers could still do with extra ‘training’, heh heh ;P )

    – Changing the ‘+5%’ skills to ‘+4 Points’ has noticeably improved the stats.

    – The issue seems to be resolved for tougher characters, they are now lasting longer before getting worn out.



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    hey, I don’t mean to insult you or anything (very sorry if i do) but the art is a little on the lower side of quality. i was thinking if you ask all the fans out there to help and maybe post some reference pictures, i’m sure people would jump at the opportunity, i know i would. All you’d have to do is put a name/nickname into the credits.


    No offense taken 🙂

    We’re thinking about trying a route like that for some of the art. While the character poses will likely stay the same for consistency purposes, the rest are fair game. It’s mostly a matter of compensation and logistics.

    If you’re interested in helping, send us an email at “support@fupoco.com”! We’d love to see your work ^^


    Although sometimes things can get out of hand, you should let the fans help you with this. but I think you should set rules to that Kaive. Ya know, to prevent any misunderstandings and such.


    Thinking on it, if you decide to allow custom characters, you could also have an option to let players replace the default art set with one they create. I won’t go into details, since I think I’ve already done that in previous posts, lol! But, maybe something to mull over?


    Hopefully you mean for your own game and your own playthrough. Remember, its a privilege to be in the game, not a right. But then again I’m not Kaive or Whry.

    Its just its one thing for fans to make suggestions, but try not to get out of hand about it. It is a neat idea to have fans take a good part in this game… but once again rules should be established. There are many times I see fans that take part in games think they deserve some sort of compensation. Also, the more fans to take a huge part in the game, the more that WANT to be involved. It will snowball once popularity increases, and some fans may think its unfair that Kaive will suddenly limit ideas and contributions out of nowhere. <The less understanding fans of course>


    Real quick, I just wanted to reply to Sparky, which I missed somehow, lol! Definitely not begging to be worked into the game as a playable character. I was referring to the previous entries about the possibility of custom characters that could be added after the game was downloaded.

    Anyway, since Kaive was wondering in his release post about selling characters, the only reason I can think of to sell a character would be to a) fire a poor performing worker, or b) going for a single-gender house and therefore removing a ‘gap-filler’ worker of the opposing gender (ie: firing a female to obtain a male and vice-versa.) Since the current set-up seems to work well regardless of the character’s attributes (which are easily improved with either leveling bonuses or the various facilities in town.) Unless the story arc or scenario would require it, I rarely sell off a character. The only times I do are if I have to hire one to get workers early on in the game, then sell them when the random hiring engine presents one I really want but don’t have the money for.


    I think the only way to really justify the selling characters is to include some kind of mechanic where… if you groom a character to certain stat thresholds, you could sell them for much more than they’re usually worth. The stats or attributes could be listed when you visit the ‘sell character’ slot.

    Otherwise, I think it’s good to have in case people really want to get rid of a character, but game-wise I just see it not making sense to use.

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