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    So there is a new one being made?

    Any way that some of the new features can be disclosed?
    I kind of want to know. Because of the information I have seen by scanning through, I am not really sure if I would want to get it.


    What information has rubbed you the wrong way? We haven’t started production on it yet, (probably not until after House of Tail,) so everything about the sequel is merely ideas and desires at this point. And we’re always open for talking about desires~

    Some of the more likely stuff:

    – fully 3d, ability to walk around and rotate a camera

    – include more of the college experience, like managing a class schedule

    – previous game characters can make a cameo, but the next one should involve new characters so as not to spoil what might happen in the first

    – explore the post-dating phase in relationships, can choose who to go out with faster

    – voice acting


    Personally, I’d love the idea of some character customization for the pc and maybe even some on npcs myself(even if limited, it’d still be interesting to see) but yeah, most of what’s listed, taken with what was in the previous game for game mechanics sounds neat, the voice acting should be interesting(and funny when clechies are taken into account, these days, a game seems off if lacking that element XD) but yeah, sounds good to me.


    Oh, well I guess it must have just been minor suggestions and talk that kind of caught me off guard. Or maybe I misunderstood. I think I saw somewhere the suggestion of a female character I think. I didn’t really like that idea because Common Grounds being an all male game was one of the points to buying it. I loved that finally there was a game intended for my specific audience. It’s not really a breaking point. I am still buying Common Grounds 2.

    And I have seen some character suggestions for other types of species. Not really sure what they were. Could you explain perhaps what new ones might be?



    If we can implement custom clothing / costumes, would like to make it possible to give another character clothes and they’d wear it. Might seem weird if taken too seriously though.

    There might be a female character in the next one. I could see it working, but I do agree it might change the dynamic of the game too much. If she is in there, it would be because we have the resources and time to add in a supporting cast. Should add, she would by no means make the game straight in any way whatsoever. Take that as you’d like~

    No idea on the species. It’s more like, is there any you’d really like to see? :3


    Well I think whatever is come up with I want to be a surprise for me when its decided. But I would like to see different types of bodies, or the possibility to make your own character? Not really sure.


    Otters :3


    Otters sound good. z: )

    Honestly the main thing I’d like the see is more casual sex, I thought it was a tad odd in the first one that you could only have sex with Roger outside of ze appointed plot points, even with Max…

    I didn’t like Max’s ending. I thought it was a little patronising and a little too ‘human’ that the ‘slut and happy’ character had an ending where the Wolf character ‘tames him’ Foxes are naturally polyamorous you know (disloyal lovers, but dedicated parents – all of the parents, average Fox litter has three fathers.) I was rather more hoping for an alliance whereupon Max and Zell agree, “You know what? We’ll be each other’s stable base. Let’s fuck EVERYONE… together!” D’aww…

    Overall though, I liked the first game and I’d like to see more of it someday, over the rainbow… and I’d be happy to buy it, but I’m personally more interested in HoT right now. z: j


    Will be interesting whenever we get around to the sequel, as you can’t please everyone but you want to at least keep the fans happy. Will try not to get caught up in it, but I do care about making something enjoyable and working in suggestions where I can.

    Can’t wait to get past House of Tail and back into some dating sim action XD


    It sounds like you are going for a more casual Persona like game. I would also recommend playing Persona 3 or 4 it would give good incite into what you want to make.

    I have some suggestion on how to add some meat to the Common Ground bone

    1. Customization. I think it clear we all want to customize our own student for Barnwell U, I for one would like to play a rabbit. I would also like to see some clothing choices, and some room decor, like posters. bed sheets, and oddities.

    2. The Howler 2. The latest phone from Fupoco mobile. With a more open world player choice like game, doing away with the planer would be a good idea, instead included helpful apps. Like an Alarm to let assent minded gamers know its time for class, a date, or club activity. My pack the newest in social media keep track of you’re friends birthdays, plan events, and flirt over cyberspace. And Spot Maps the best in starker tek fined were you’re friends are at and plan the fastest way to them.

    3. support npc. Shop owners, fellow students, teachers, towns people Barnwell seemed to be missing these. One of the things I loved about Persona 4 is how “eccentric” the teacher are. This would also be a good way to incorporate females with out changing focus of the game.

    4. Locations. Barnwell seems so well small and sparse it need some expanding. I’m thinking three locations the campus, downtown, and the mall. The Campus would have you’re dorm, the gym, library, classes, rooms, and C.G across the street. Downtown cloud have a arcade, ice cream parlor, club, a nice restaurant, movie theater, park, a shop or two, and maybe a bar. The mall well a fast food place or two, the lingerie place, electronics, it is a mall not hared to fill with stuff now is it.

    5. Naming. this is just me but don’t just call in Common grounds two do like the harvest moon franchise and give each new one a tilt.


    “I would also recommend playing Persona 3 or 4 it would give good [insight] into what you want to make.”
    … Well really if you need to play something else to figure out what you want to do with your own project, then that really isn’t what you “want” to make in the first place, is it?

    As for customization, that is always excellent, but I imagine it would be quite difficult to implement in this type of game, considering how the first one was done.


    Have a borrowed copy of Persona 3 that I’ve been waiting to play. While I’m curious what it’s about, the next Common Grounds is more or less decided in large part (technically speaking) and will be mostly a matter of what we don’t have the time or resources to tackle.

    Very interesting and good suggestions too. Was thinking even before the first one was finished, how dated the phone was XD

    No idea about the naming. While I like the numbered titles as a player, so I know which order they were made in, sub-titles do have some merit. Maybe we can do both?


    ‘Common Grounds: A Fresh Brew’

    This one keeps sticking in my head 😛




    Ops sorry about that did not mean to sound like such a jerk. What I meant was that it sounds like you want to keep the daily structure that worked so well from the first common ground but expand the world with free roaming.

    And Person 3 dose that well. The game balances well you’re day to day activity, time with friends, and school. While giving the player the choice of how they want to do it.

    Even if you decide that there is nothing from the game that will work for C.G, well i hope you enjoyed playing.

    “Common Grounds: two for one”

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