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    Alright so getting back after 5 months of pulling a bit of a vanishing act(I am know to just completely up and go from a site for months on end without notice, so business as usual really) I come back to see that the forums are even quieter then last tinme I was here. I mean sure, there is always the talk about updates, and this is still very much so a niche site, but is there nothing going on in the forums anymore?

    On that note if anyone’s up for it I am all too willing to start up some threads on various points of interest found during my 5 months of Internauting(such as RAM emulation software on Sourceforge-download moar RAM is now a thing apparently. Idk how well or even if it would work with cloud based services though.)and of course things like other furry games(like the text-based one on FA: Nimin, and others)and generally anything when I’m here.

    Anyone else have anything of interest found? I heard some guys at the University of Washington made mobile devices the do not need any sort of internal power source to wrok(they use wifi waves to power evidently, will provide link if anyone is interested)and there have been more breakthroughs in genetics then ever(although I still think rl furries are still a good 30 years off minimium though.)

    So anyone else have something interesting found or otherwise aquired?


    Can blame me for the lack of forum activity, I need to get House of Tail finished and some game review stuff going. The site still feels unfinished to me, but want to focus on game making first :X

    Had no idea downloading more RAM is a thing or how that could even work…

    Have seen some games of interest in the past couple of weeks, haven’t really tried most of them yet so be warned/careful:

    – Sidescroller where you play as a bear with a treasure chest companion, doesn’t look like it will meet its funding. The pixel art looks great though.

    My Little Pony Collectible Card Game
    – Haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but it’s now a thing

    Super Lesbian Horse RPG
    – This is also a thing. Seems to be a demo made with RPG Maker.

    Jurassic Heart
    (Page has ads all over, web game) http://jayisgames.com/games/jurassic-heart/
    – A dating sim involving T-Rex action?! Also a thing. Haven’t played it yet, but looks silly amusing.


    Wall of text incoming lol, also, if there are spammy ads on any of these sites, I do not have problems with them as I am using adblock on both Firefox and Iceweasel

    From what I’m able to understand of the RAM thing is it looks like it works in a similar fashion that Virtual Machines do, using unallocated hard drive memory to emulate the function of RAM(whihc, given how RAM works and how similar current solid state drives and RAM are, isn’t completely out of the question)but one of the main problems seems to be(and this is a bit of a problem for windows users)once you allocate the memory to this software, there’s no apparent way to unallocate it other then going through a comprehensive reformatting with DBAN(for all you software nuking needs lol: http://www.dban.org/ ), so unless you are really good at making disposable paritions in Windows, then it’s likely going to be a good while before it even picks up notice(there is barely even any notice of it on its hosting site; Sourceforge. But Sourceforge also has things like XIOC and the like so…) Right now its more just a computing curosity then anything useful, give 10-12 years and it might be some good-of course we all might be using Quantum Computers or “High Energy State Magnetically Guided Communications Systems”(I heard they’re trying to make the new Internet, the Cybersphere they were calling it, using that, but it requires systems that need massive amounts of energy, and micro cold fusion(btw, cold fusion has been around since 2003, and able to heat up a cup of coffee since 2008, so its going, slowly, but still going)so it might be redundant anyways.

    And I had viewed the Jurassic Heart on Markilpiler on Youtube, it looks interesting(there aren’t that many furry dating sims out there, but there are, more common is this though-some sort of pesudo furry-on-human relationship simulations) and I’m not really into the whole borny thing (as I told my friend “It’s not my cup of tea so to speak, but as I haven’t really been in the community I don’t feel I have a valid opnion either way on the whole “brony” debatings on the net”) so I haven’t really looked much into that.

    As for my found gmaes, there is the LOK games(anyone from e621 should be familar with this):


    Furcadia(I’m really more a fan of text-based MUDS though):




    alt link for those that don’t want an FA account(its become the new Deviantart, sadly):

    http://www.fenoxo.com/downloads-and-other-games/ (includes links to other ones as well, I’m not to sure about forum rules on direct linking, so ima just use this. Also, COC)

    For any Meincraft players out there, in case you didn’t know, it has had furries for awhile now:


    (little tip here, if you want to mess around with the multiple tails option, you’re better off learning how to use GIMP or Paint.net, I’m not really an artist myself(the few games I’ve tried my hand at(and abandoned halfway in lol) were text based or 16 bit colours, with a few custom meshes done in Blender when I used to play Oblivion and Fallout 3(whihc reminds me, anyone know if they got it working with NifSkope again?)as getting one extra tail was as bad as my current debacle with making my Steam password so long and strong that it kinda breaks the software(thye don’t allow more then 30 character length, but say nothing about it or do nothing to prevent it. Shame on you for making shoddy software Valve lol)and making all nine? it took a good 9 months when the first version came out, and I’ve only just managed to port it over to the new version on a locale server, so yeah, you need some sort of coding wizard or something, and a team of artists if you don’t want to spend 3/4ths of a year working this out lol. But hey! Furries in Meincraft!)

    There’s also all the mods for Mugen I’ve managed to track down(and as some are no longer on the normal net, I will be uploading them to my Mediafire soon, some of the sites are down foreverz :/)

    Some good ole table-top furry games:


    hard to find irl, but there are a couple places to download it at.

    Wikifur’s page:


    Also, something to make Morrowind still relavent:


    If you want yiif content with this mod, looke for the Lovers & Legends mod for Morrowind, it is sometimes compatible, but not always, so Caveat emptor, do so at your own risk.

    My Very Own Lith:


    Furry videogame database on teh internet archives, good luck finding them:


    Furries, and SCIENCE!:


    The site where they still sell Inherit The Earth:


    Or you could just grab it and SCUMMVM from emuparadise, I believe both are in the abandonedware section, so I’m okay with it. No links to it though lol.

    Oh, and why being a furry and anthropormorphism are something that is actually veyr common in the history of the human race(whihc indicates our current cultures xenophobia is more so due the way our culture is, rather then how humanity is, so people that try to start some furrying trolling? Just bear in mind that furries have been around before the Internet(or even indrustraliation) was inventered, so just ignore them, they know not what they talk about lol.

    This place, home of spaceescape(still debating on wither or not that is an furry game):


    slavemaker(not an actual furry game, but has furry content):


    Now this one is certaintly outsid eof most people’s price range currently, but soviet genetically engineered pet foxes! Hopefully the US will do the same soon:


    Now before I go into the sciencey section which may or may not shatter your view of reality and/or leave you a broken, sad shell of your former self, I am going to give a little insight into some of my ways of thinking, mostly just to distract from what is coming up, but still:


    Now goto the science. Foreward, cognitohazard and all that, I am not responsible for any instancies of insanity lol. If you’re here just for the furry, stop now, just science here lol.

    To just jump right into the impossible being done, getting energy from nothing – aka “Quantum Vacuum Engineering” or “Fun with Zero Point Energy”:


    And while we’re here, a vacuum does not actually exist in reality:


    Cold science, and making things below absolute zero while…well, kinda-sorta not breaking the universe but still breaking it:


    Strange materials and fabracting unnautral(as in it does not exist any where in the known universe due to, you know, “reality”):

    http://unitednuclear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=70_71&products_id=526 <—— aka making things levitate-no longer just for wizards XD
    http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20327246.000-13-more-things-dark-flow.html#.Uf8HS8XyOYM <—-not really sure where to put this, idk what it even is, no one does.

    Some Fusion stuff, forget where the link for cold micro fusion is, Discovery had an article on it while back:


    Why the robots have already won, all hail our hard, cold, metal overlords :p :

    http://www.idsc.ethz.ch/Research_DAndrea/DFA <—-screw ufos, we have DFAs lol
    http://www.fishandchips.uwa.edu.au/project.html <—-technically not an AI as it uses a rat brain as a processor. So basically a rat version of GLaDOS
    http://www.i-programmer.info/news/169-robotics/5327-kilobots-work-together.html <—kilobots aka “the almighty swarm”

    Why we still have nothing to fear from machines, turns out they kann be as stupid as us:


    Some laughable “problems” facing current tech:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem <—-use unsigned intergers or 128 bit processors
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_September <——not so much laughable as it is the ruination of technology…
    http://theweek.com/article/index/249893/why-south-korea-is-building-an-invisible-skyscraper <—-Invisible. Skyscraper. I think you kann see the inherent problems with that. And its not even Japan!
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-Euclidean_geometry <—not a problem for machines, but rather for people, and people make the machines, so…

    Speaking of machineries, coding and such:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floating_point <—I know its realloy basic but its still a thing a lot of programmers seem to have probloems with
    http://cmpe150-1.cmpe.boun.edu.tr/onlineCompiler/parts/ <—-online complier, pretty nifty. Geany’s better tho.
    http://eyetap.org/ <—-basically hipster google glass, been here for 35 years.
    http://www.truecrypt.org/docs/supported-operating-systems <—exact same stuff the NSA uses, but open sourced and betterer lol.
    http://www.acornuser.com/acornuser/index/ind1.html <—all Android systems use this. Basically the keys to Google’s mobile empire.
    http://www.superliminal.com/cube/cube.htm <—MULTI-Dimensoal cubes, need I say more?
    https://drupal.org/ <—what I am currently dicking around with to make servers and a funcitional workspace.
    http://www.i2p2.de/ <–its i2p, the lesser known brother of TOR
    http://lmgtfy.com/ <–Googling for newbs
    http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/ <—Make your own OS today! I know I already am.

    non-furry games:

    http://ichun.us/ <—-P0rtals in meincraft
    http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ <—–well known text based game

    Want to live forever or be a furry irl? Try genetics:

    http://news.ufl.edu/2005/12/12/kissing-cousins-oped/ <—science form florida showing that, hey, not only has history proven that incest happens often, but unless its for several generations, from a science viewpoint, there’s nothing wrong with it(morals and cultural mores and such…yeah, no.)

    Quanta Mechanicals:

    http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/glossary/quantum_tunneling.html <—-aka, your computron works by breaking the universe. Congrats lol.

    Speaking of breaking…:



    Also, the Quantum Zeno effect(I think the spelling’s right) means that, theoritically speaking, you kann make something that will otulast the universe. Have fun with that.

    That’s all for now, I think this might just be a literal wall of text lol.

    And one last note, if you think knowing how to do all this and knowing what the heck is going on here- its not. Try talking to your average person about how tempertures below absolute zero violates the universe in every delicious way and chances are they will think you are crazy. From my own viewpoint in the field of genetics(3 years out of a docterates, ima going for genetics speifically, but needz to get a biology degree to do so)I guess that if things go on as they are now we will have the tech capable of making furries irl in about 12-18 years(I mean, the techs already there but it is way too dangerous what with unchecked mutations, shoddy genetic engineering, and the fact that the Soviets have done the most research into this when that guy mentioned above did his thing with foxes, so I would rather not end up some mindless, gibbering, horrific mess in the name of science-that’s what we have 1st year med students for lol j/k)so the next couple of decades in science will surely be something to behold. So long as we don’t break the whole damned universe/multiverse that is(not going to put up the link, but there were discoveries last year of the first concrete evidence of parallel universes, and that there is a currently estimated 0.004% variation in the laws of physics in the universe, and while that doesn’t sound like much, take into account that even such a little variation could prevent carbon from forming, and carbon is needed for anyhting more complex then a few stars.

    If anyone is able to respond to the entirety of this, I will be amazed, and wondering why you didn’t go do something better lol.

    Now to see if this server will take it….sorry in advance admins lol 😛



    My bad, I forgot the link on superheavy elements:


    “Synthesis of the isotopes of elements 118 and 116 in the Cf249 and Cm245+Ca48 fusion reactions”

    So much for sci-fi claiming it would take us about 500 million years to do that XD


    That sure is a lot of text XD

    Haven’t heard of Space Escape before, will look into it. While it doesn’t look furry, it does look porny. Very difficult finding where the actual game is…

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