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    Surprisingly, since no one messages me anymore. Looking at you, Whry >:U

    Have a higher paying job with 12 hour shifts Mon~Wed, and on my down time doing less music and more programming. I’ve been learning AS3 by making my own MP3 player as well as trying to make a full blown feature filled Tetris game through Flash Pro CC. After that I’ll be doing the same to see if I can make the same in HTML5, as my next projects are all to get good games to work on the Wii U. I’ll see if HTML5 has any tilt or accelerometer controls built right in just to see if I can speed up or slow down playback with an MP3 player, or to shift the tetrimino’s left or right using tilt in HTML5.

    Once I can get those mastered, you can bet your arses that i’ll be making NSFW furry games- or at least helping around so I can dive even deeper in to AS3 and HTML5.

    Who knows, maybe if I keep this up i’ll be able to translate ActionScript INTO HTML 5 where it’ll be compatible with /EVERY/ device.


    http://spirit-writer.deviantart.com/art/Phault-Wolfblade-EX-Original-Music-457367761 MP3 Player in Progress (NON STREAMING VARIANT)

    I don’t have a demo of tetris uploaded but I’ll find a site eventually.

    I am no designer by any means but with how fast I’m learning this stuff (see above, took less than 3 days), I should be able to start making others’ stuff look smoother or just .. work in a matter of month(s)

    Also to those looking for what the very first prototype of my player looked like?


    EEZ UGLY. also its the streaming variant so the player itself will look er.. ‘loaded’ almost as soon as you start the page, but it is actually taking from my Weasyl post. This is to prevent Deviantart from taking my crap and selling it off to someone else.

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    this is pretty cool. I like the sound and it looks great. wish I knew this stuff. I hope you learn more, always good to learn more and more.

    everyone gets really busy, I know. but I really hope things can get going on this site x3


    Pretty neat! Is cool to see you jumping into it.

    I want to say game coding is like… more than half of the functions you make/use deal with doing things with graphics. A lot of drawing, GUI design, movement planning. Getting things to line up ‘just so’.


    Ah, but thats just it. I already have someone who can sprite for me. Also, I am NOT doing the designing portion of any coding except buttons and actual GUI. I myself am not going into designing- just programming.

    Basically if I were to have a team, I’d have an artist/modeler/spriter/designer. Me? I’m going to be the person who codes the underlying engine. I’ll do the math, literally. I know I’ll have to alter things with code, but just because I’m no artist doesn’t mean I’m not creative.

    Since I posted this, I also started on a new engine- and not a game engine either. Already am working on getting the logo trademarked, the name of the engine is called ‘WordSpark’

    I’m pretty sure this is just a project phase of mine, but it’d be damn cool if I keep myself with it. No details yet, not until my first post with it in use is out there


    Nice, I’m still stalled on my coding endeavors.


    Since starting my endeavor, I lost all of my project files. Yes yes a minor setback. On the upside, I know how to code more of ActionScript 3.0 now. HTML5 conversion is a bit hard, but i’ve learned its DOABLE. And it works on any device with a modern browser. At the time of working on my projects a bit more deeply, I didn’t have internet. However, I learned something interesting on the Wii U console – The browser has a DEVELOPER MODE allowing you to control the browser, or rather inject into the browser, using your IP and any computer connected to the same network. Like.. whatever computer/laptop you have thats connected to the router at the same time.

    This allowed me to inject HTML5 website pages onto the Wii U and to my surprise, THEY WORKED. My flash file was converted into HTML5 and it WORKED. I tested it on my old HTC Evo 3D and it worked there too. That was less surprising but hey, I have to make sure it works.

    Browsers used:
    Wii U using the browsers IE, Chrome, and Firefox developer mode;
    Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Dolphin on both the HTC Evo 3D and Moto G;
    Waterfox, Opera, and Internet Explorer using my PC. Chrome.. crashes my PC for whatever reason. Not touching chrome for a while.

    It’s… its moving, but at a snail-ish pace. Flash isn’t wanting to agree with me when it comes to transitions.

    I sustained a knee injury working at the factory, and now i’m off the job. Many bad things are about to happen. I mean the cars radiator blew, so I have no working car, I have no job, and i’m going to be broke come the 1st thanks to rent. If I don’t find a job soon, I’ll be moving down to Palm Bay, FL back with my dad. I really don’t want to bother him, he seems happy…

    My birthday passed three days ago (Aug 25th) and I mean.. at least I got a new phone ;u; (that would be the Moto G). Interestingly enough, its quad-core and Radeon based Adreno 305 really keeps up with the times. I managed to get a C++ compiler working with the Linux kernel somehow. I mean, it doesn’t really execute but it saves as C++ and smaller script programs. I rooted the phone as soon as I got it and installed Cyanogenmod. Kinda helps with my development endeavors even on a mobile platform. Kinda nice actually.


    Two Years Later…
    Woo boy.. where to begin. To start, somewhere within this time I lost contact with many/most of my friends, either be it due to account transfers or by choice to release toxic friends (the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. Don’t know why.) Sorry to both Kaive and Whry, the both I miss talking with. Much has changed within these two years, and at the same time- not as much as I had hoped.

    Music Game is still strong…
    In the past two years, I’ve created newer masterpieces I am absolutely proud of. I still wouldn’t call them the greatest things ever, nor would I call them worthy for some. But for me? I’ve reached many milestones creating them. I’d show links of examples of my music, but I’m not sure if that’s allowed.

    Programming is a standstill, however.
    There are quite a few people I feel like I’ve let down. Heck, I even forgot some of the most basic programming knowledge, because after horrible event after horrible event, I stuck with my music and just didn’t put much effort into coding anymore. Is it still my dream to become skilled in many programming languages? Absolutely! Do I still know my way around Visual Studio and Eclipse? You bet your furry tail I do. But factory work, getting fired, going to a new factory for a year and a half, getting injured again…eh. I didn’t have time, I kept getting discouraged any time I came home.

    What about this WordSpark you’ve been working on?!
    Ha! What a journey… I got nothing to show for it. I did learn much more about ActionScript and HTML5, even some C# (for Windows-Specific users) to get this dynamic story writing tool off the ground.

    And what about your HTML5 MP3 player?!
    Now that? Eh. It was just a fun little project- but in the end, is it even needed? So many sites support some sort of codec player for music to be uploaded and heard.

    Positive News?
    We will see from here. I’m now working at a deli with ridiculous hours while I get reapplied for college. Unlike the factories I was working at, these guys will work my schedule around my school, so I can FINALLY finish my schooling. Computer Science and Engineering… Maybe I’ll be useful later on after all.

    Why the hell are you bringing a thread back from the dead like this?!
    For one, if I continue any conversation in any thread on this site, wouldn’t it be doing the same? For another, maybe I just feel nostalgic. I had big dreams coming to this site. It’s silly, really. Regardless of the kind of games Fupoco develops, it was nice to think I had a chance to be a part of it. Kaive and Whry definitely made me feel that way, anyway.


    Games take forever to make. It’s easy to feel down about it, but have to stay motivated and do whatever it takes to keep the drive. or the juice or whatever secret catchword.

    I’ve grown to like how sobering it is. Either way, music is rad and a much better venue for quicker attention. I’ll always be jelly of musicians.

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