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Updated HoT customer graphics

September 19, 2015
in Games, House of Tail

(and a small, but big thank you)
house of tail blushing bunny customer walk animation

house of tail new customer test screenshot
oh no the titans have breached the wall and are terrorizing the city

Finally replaced those stick figure placeholders. Lots of different expressions and some different animations to spice it up. Also means there will be different customer types which should play into the new mechanics I’m working in right now.

The long-awaited update will arrive once that’s finished and some of the menus are fixed.

I want to temper expectations because I know it’s been a while. But we here at fupoco will just have to take it. Thinking I can write up a quick ‘lessons learned’ through the development so far, to give you an understanding of what’s been going on that you haven’t seen. Either way, just want to thank everyone who has supported us, especially those who have already bought a copy. We will not let you down!!

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  1. Like the others have said, am looking forward to the next update when it comes. But am also understand of the time between this update and the last, things happen, life gets in the way.

    That said it looks like the next update when it comes will be really worth the wait! Keep up the great work and keep us updated too.

    1. I really truly appreciate everyone’s kind words, but i feel i need to *spoiler alert* the initial update will have some new stuff but will mostly be the same game, just the final ‘engine’ base of it.

      Just say no to feature creep, gotta trust in the design doc.

      Will be putting in the chapters and associated stuff to do bit-by-bit for those who want to see it shaping up, with the warning not to peek if you don’t want to spoil it before it’s finished/polished.

      (((and yeah, life happens. has been frustrating–all i want to do is make more furry porn games–is that so much to ask!?!??! XD )))

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