Starting sometime in late 2011, Fupoco began as a desire: make the games we want to play.

What did we want to play? More games with furry characters, sure, but there's plenty out there already. What that left us with was filling in one of the holes big studios leave for niche fandom-type-ones. And out of those options, we chose porn.

Why? Why not. Partly out of a honest interest, partly because there's an attitude that it's something respectful people stay away from. While porn can seem cheap and easy at times, we have seen some amazing stuff in the fandom that goes beyond being 'just porn'. There's a real sense of adventure here, amazing talent, and something we'd like to be a part of too.

While we're not the first to make adult video games, we do feel there's lots of room to explore and grow the genre because many developers and critics pan it. Is it the only kind of games we want to play? Of course not, but it sure is exciting. And definitely a chance to make ones we want to see more of.

We also want to help grow the erotic furry video game genre and community. There's a lot out there besides us and it's cool to enjoy other games and their take on things.

It can be a lot of work, long hours, and we can always do better and improve--but, this is our life. Questionable life choices aside, we do this because we enjoy it. And we hope you'll enjoy it too.

- your pal, kaive

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Common Grounds

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Although we're furry fans, we are in no way representative of the fandom as a whole. Not all furs fursuit, not all furs make porn. It's just a fandom. Please keep it real, dogs.

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