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Fupoco began sometime in late 2011. We released our first game in 2012, Common Grounds. Our focus is dating sims and role playing games featuring furry characters for adult audiences. It's something more than sex animations or interactive fiction. Play our games and see what we mean.

And yeah, there's porn involved. Big studios leave this hole for niche fandom ones to fill. It's different, exciting. Quite frankly, we're tired of playing games meant for kids. Perhaps you share our desire for something more mature? Something with a bit more heart and class to it?

We also want to help grow the erotic furry video game genre and community. There's a lot of games out there besides us (we made a list). They're cool to play and see different takes on things.

That's about it, I think. Hope you enjoy it, if it's your thing. Let us know what you think--we really do care. This is all fun and games, but serious to us all the same.

Now you know the secret of fupoco.

- your pal, kaive

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Although we're furry fans, we are in no way representative of the fandom as a whole. Not all furs fursuit, not all furs make porn. It's just a fandom. Please keep it real, dogs.

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