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Our goal is to add an upbeat game into the slave-maker/brothel genre, (but it's actually shaping up to be more of a roleplaying adventure... maybe call it a job management sim?) We are actively working on a story mode, complete with a main cast of characters, special events and scenes, and more than we're ready to list here.

We apologize about the bare-bones web page, but we really are focused on finishing the game first. Instead of talking about what's to come, we'd like to show you. And we understand to get there, it means working on it more than posting this and that to keep interest or lead people on.

Your thoughts are important to us--please feel free to use our forum and support page for feedback. While we might not be able to discuss everything in detail or act on every suggestion, we honestly care about making something fun, so it's a big deal to us. We probably take making a porn game way more seriously than we should, but the details and decisions are crazy interesting. And we really want to play this thing as much as we want to make it.

Thanks for your interest. Time to get back on it...

Purchase a Downloadable Copy

Click here to buy a work-in-progress copy, playable on Windows for $19.95

We appreciate your support. And it's cool if you'd like to wait and see where this goes first.

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Development Images

Below are various work in progress pics that have been posted to the main journal.