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All-Male Dating Sim

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Plan your day, advance relationships, manage your stats, have sex with furry guys--you have one semester. Make it count.

  • * Adults Only *
  • 8 characters to pursue with over 150 scenes
  • fully animated and interactive sex scenes
  • 390MB worth of content
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Windows PC
Direct Download - No DRM

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Things aren't working out for Zell.

Stuck in his hometown, going to the local college, living with his parents... he wants out. He spends most of his time alone reading his favorite author, Surfer Fox, who writes stories about love and romance, but mostly off-the-wall tales of guys having sex.

A surprise call from his childhood friend Roger leads to an invite into another town, a different college, and another chance at what he wants most: a boyfriend.

Welcome to Barnwell University.

Will he find what he's looking for, or further lose himself into the fantasy world crafted by Surfer Fox?

It's time to hang out at the local coffee shop, Common Grounds. Take on the role of Zell and make the choice!


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    "Sweet god I've been playing this game all day .... 0_0 time well spent"

- Areial Poodle

    "Much more then just sex hehe ^_^ i loved every minute"

- Gabriel

"     Always loved visual novels and dating sims and had been dying for a furry one, 10 times better that it's all-male. "

- anewbeggining

"     I played it through and have to say that this game was freaking good! "

- Rixeri

"     This game made me happy, it made me cry, and it made me feel like there's hope for everyone out there. "

- Daniel

"     At first glance it just looked like a mindless furry porn game, but it actually had some very nice undertones. "

- Frosty

"     It totally kept me wanting to continue, I loved it ^^ "

- Sev

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*Furry Dating Sim Action

Who will you go after? Buy the game and enjoy many hours of amusing scenes and decisions.

And thanks for checking us out and for your support! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Have fun!

Common Grounds Box Art

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