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*I was quickly drawn in

In the furry world, anthro games are limited pretty much to self-made Flash games or finding mass-market games that feature the ability to create an anthro character (typically RPGs and MMOs). So when I saw the ad for Common Grounds, I was interested to see what they came up with. It turned out that what they had created was an all-gay, furry dating sim; a niche-market choice to be sure. I downloaded the demo, prepared to encounter some kind of cheesey-scripted sex romp. Pleasantly, I was proven wrong.

Even with the limited-play demo, I was quickly drawn in. The characters have depth, the storyline is well-written and the variety of dating choices means you'll be playing the game quite a lot to see how choosing one out of eight eligible characters works out.
- FW

( Full review, plot spoilers: furaffinity.net/journal/4409888/ )

*Porn with plot

Common Grounds is the first furry adult thing actually worth paying for. If furry porn games worth paying for ever become common, I predict folks will look back at Common Grounds as what broke the ice. Quite frankly, for something that only 3 people made, it's amazing. I know it's probably not fair to compare porn games with "normal" games, but I've played $50 and $60 games made by establish game developers with hundreds of employees that look like garbage compared to Common Grounds.

I'm probably in the vast minority here, but I love porn with plot. I believe that not only can porn have a plot, but that it should have a plot - it just makes the actual porn part so much better. You guys could've just as easily made an hour or two of sex animations and sold that, but you gave the characters personalities and a story and that made the scenes a lot more enjoyable for me.

Anyways I'm so glad I found Common Grounds. FINALLY there's a quality game for furries that's worth paying for. I am anxiously awaiting anything you guys put out in the future.
- Steven

*Cute, believable, and well designed

Where to begin? I don't often write reviews for games but I felt like this game deserved a proper review. I loved playing this so much. It is the sort of game I'd wanted to play but never found.

At first before I installed it I thought it would be some kind of online based social RPG/second life esque game, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't (not that there is anything wrong with that kind of game). And in fact was a really well thought out design.

You did a great job of creating each character and their personality. It was like reading a book. Personally I liked all of the characters, but my favourites definitely are Troy and Andrew. They are just so adorable. For once in this sort of game I became attached to the cast, they are really cute, believable, and well designed. As is the music and environments. I spent an entire night on this game and I can safely say it was money well spent as I will be replaying to see the different outcomes. I would like to say thank you for a great experience and I hope to see more!

A big fan of your game
- Sir Folf

( Full review: fupoco.com/topic/review-of-common-ground/ )

*Ten minutes for it to hook me in

When I first saw it I was skeptical and rather wary. More over I was worried it'd be another 'flash' animated date sim that mocked actual 3d models. I was also worried that the animation would be awful and I was just throwing money away. Hence grab the demo first.

Well it took ten minutes for it to hook me in and buy the full game. I've spent two sleepless nights now playing it.

As a final note I loved AJ, it was nice to have a gay character in a game that was well... masculine and WANTED a masculine partner. It's something you don't get to see very often in dating sims or well gay imagery. Furry or not. Loved him and he was the first one I grabbed the ending for.

Keep it coming. I'll be waiting.
- Cinix

( Full review, plot spoilers: fupoco.com/topic/yup-another-review-and-praise/ )

*3D animation!

I gotta say, besides being one of few furry themed dating sim type of games, I was very pleasantly surprised that it had *gasp* 3D animation!

Anyone familiar with the whole dating-sim / visual novel genre knows that the typical convention is text + CG images during the mature scenes (Well, the rest of the game follows that as well, but it uses CG sprites instead), I was quite surprised (and instantly glad) that Common Grounds had fully animated sex scenes. While everyone has their preference I'm sure, I personally loved that addition and definitely made it more interesting for me.
- Klip

*Characters didn't appear as they seemed

I could not find the proper way to send my comments on the furry sim "Common Grounds". But I did want to say that besides for some minor details and such the game was really well done. The characters were not only different and unique but also had quite a few great moments aside from the adult scenes. The college setting was a great change of pace considering most sims I have encountered start at a bar or such places where it would not be the best/ideal place to pick up someone.

My own friend got a kick out of the mention of vore, thinking it was funny how you involved a few other fetishes such as cross dressing and such =3 but what really got me set in the game was how the characters didn't appear as they seemed... well... besides max =P
- Keba

*Surrounded by friends

I was hesitant to play your game. I was wrong to do so.

Your game is brilliant. Yes the graphics and interface could be better. But for the first time in any furry game, I cared about the characters.

In fact, I more than cared about them. For a few brief, glorious hours, I was surrounded by friends. Friends who became lovers.

Thank you for producing this product. I am glad I bought it.
- R.

*Jumped up and grabbed me

When I heard about this game I decided that I had to plunk down the twenty bucks to play it as I thought at first it was going to be a game all about sex.

And that's when it jumped up and grabbed me. This game has a good storyline with likeable characters and gets you involved in the story. When the story reaches its climax you'll have to make a decision and you will actually feel for these characters. You take on the role of Zell a student who's going to college and has been invited to stay with by a friend named Roger. You want to find someone special before the end of the semester runs out. You'll have a choice of eight luscious males ranging from foxes to bunnies and even a raccoon (no tigers? pout).
- Johnny B.

( Full review: furaffinity.net/view/8124603/ )

*I was a little shocked

I just wanted to let you guys know that I played Common Grounds and absolutely LOVED it. I was a little shocked to find a furry game, not to mention it has an all male cast, what more could I want xD. It has a really cute storyline that you get pulled into, and I think you guys are on the right track. Great job, keep it up ^-^ Will continue to keep coming back as long as you guys keep putting out amazing products :)
- Dev

*Played until 4:30 am x.x


I felt like dropping you a line, since I have the experience that people tend to write somebody only if they want to complain about stuff, instead of saying "Thank you for the great story!"

I unlocked all scenes tonight (played until 4:30 am x.x) and I really must compliment you and your team for that great character-progression over the time with some nice twists - and of course, some good old cliches. I really enjoyed the story! Especially the one of Roger, Chet, and Andrew, which really surprised me in the end. (Not that the other ones aren't as good!) Also, cant get that catchy tunes out of my head... xD

Just wished it would have been longer, you know, like your favorite TV-show that you wish it should never end - but well, all good things in life must come to an end sooner or later.
- Sharky

*Grab your dick and double click

Like a lot of people, I was pretty sure this was a "grab your dick and double click game", but wow, I have to say I'm completely addicted to it and really want to play it over and over again and try to "befriend" everyone in the game. Good story, great play, really fun. Keep up the good work.
- Lycan

*Genuinely impressed with the writing

If you don't mind me fanboying for a moment, I'm genuinely impressed with the writing. At first glance it just looked like a mindless furry porn game, but it actually had some very nice undertones. The scenes were certainly a plus, though ;3 And the innuendo in a few places (like mention of vore) was a humorous touch.

Well done! I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future!
- Frosty S.

*A really good job at this!

Hi Fupoco Games!

Just wanted to tell you about the "Common Grounds" game. I played it through and have to say that this game was freaking good! A really good job at this!

I really wish for a new game from you! If you are going to do another sim game. I suggest a little work on the animation. It was a bit slobby. A little more movement into the animation. 3D models were ok to me. Hoping the player could choose the characters species and the gender. Hopefully a bit female characters. A little more option for the speech parts.

Well that's about it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
- Rixeri

*Various reactions

LOVED your common grounds game! Can't wait for you to do similar storylines in the future! It was witty and surprisingly written fairly well! :)
- DK

hey i just finished my first playthrough of common grounds it was sooo aawsome X3 (i was lucky my friend let me use his laptop to play it >.>)

i really enjoyed the game it wasnt really hard like some other sim dates out there it was mellow and flowed really good cant wait for the next one
- Vincent

Thank you Fupoco :). Common grounds is an excellent example of emotion. This game made me happy, it made me cry, and it made me feel like there's hope for everyone out there. Keep it up :3

- Daniel

Hey! I bought your game and dont listen to the haters its a great game!

much more then just sex hehe ^_^ i loved every minute and cant wait to buy more!
- Gabriel

Definitely loving the game so far, unlocked 3 endings already.

Can't thank you enough for making such an amazing game! Always loved visual novels and dating sims and had been dying for a furry one, 10 times better that its all-male.
- Anewbeggining

Epic, simply epic.

Scale of 1-5:
Character Design~4
Overall~10, wicked great <3

It totally kept me wanting to continue, I loved it ^^
- Sev

Thanks everyone!
- Fupoco

Common Grounds cast of characters