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    Thining aloud here, after there is a more finialized version released, would it be possible to also release a modkit for HoT? It would make a lot of the to do list for HoT a bit easier(such as being able to make more story modes) it would definitily have to be based on a simplified gui for your average user, but it could solve some bug issues as well, in the form of unoffical patches and the like.


    We shall squash all bugs, no worries~

    We’ve been thinking about ways for people to create and share their own story modes, but it might be a bit more than we’re ready to chew. (maybe something we can save for a sequel, if nothing else)


    True, but I imagine creating a modkit for (mostly) text based custom stories and the like within the limits of the games original coding would be relatively easy, creating a modkit for any and all custom content would require creating a script extender or something along the lines of that, and those usually require a team of dedicated modders. I’m not entirely sure how many are working on HoT, but if its only a few, it could be considered for a sort of future add-on/plugin that could be packaged seperately(and thus not requireing a complete rewrite every time there’s a major update)


    It’s possible. We did it for Common Grounds, in so far as one could write their own scripts for the scenes. Have the feeling more people would have tried if we included a tutorial and a way to load custom scenes directly.

    But with that said, I’ve yet to see anyone try that I can remember, and HoT story scripting will be more complicated due to variable goals, time limits, turning on/off maps and slots and available characters, and so forth. I do like the idea, so will see what I can do. Just warning that it’s looking iffy, and it would be a download-version only thing.


    Huh, guess I’ll have to pick up a copy of Common Grounds to try that out, and my bad on the late reply, classes been keeping me busy(college level chemistry kann be…different lol) but yeah due to the setup of the game one for HoT would be…awhile in the making 😛 which is why I was thinking it would be more of a seperately packaged thing, like an add-on or a plugin, rather then an intregral part of the game itself, so basically, something for the maybe not so distant future XD


    Is this a future only thing or is there a way to do it?

    I know Common Grounds is really easy to work with, I don’t have the artistic resources to add charactors etc through. The scripts are easily modified and fun to play with, in House of Tail I don’t see anything ubt an exe and an archive of an unknown format.


    It is a *maybe but not likely* future thing.

    The core story chapters are all being hard-coded inside the game due to the nature of the online version. We plan to cut it off soon, cause it’s really limiting a lot of neat things we can do in the PC version. At the very least, we’d like to see players being able to add/edit characters. Maybe we could add a way to make custom stories, but it’s hard to say right now.


    Okay, so I guess for now I’ll just have to stick to Common Grounds for tweaking. I’ve enjoyed playing both games. ^.^

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