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    can you have a fat character in the game? i liked the guys in the last one but felt there wasn’t much difference in body type. I loved the skinny and slightly muscled guys but can we have an adorable chubby character? It’s true your racoon was kinda chubby but I’d like a full on fat character.

    And was also wondering if you were accepting applications for voice actors?


    … there aren’t enough tigers or dragons in the first one x3

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    Always accepting voice acting contacts, just let us know here or email support@fupoco.com ~

    And have not forgotten your suggestion about chubby characters. Depending on how well the 3d engine works out for us, could have a mechanic where you can mess with other character’s body sizes. At the very least, agreed that more body types would be fun.

    Dragons might prove to be too tricky. Not ruling it out, but they’re very complicated things to model. Maybe one without wings, or a more general reptile character?


    sweet, and long time no see Kaive. i look forward to more of your games in the future, i still play common grounds from time to time so i can enjoy the characters. i look forward to talking to you again sometime


    It’s been so long since I have written anything here, but I felt that this thread is the best place t begin anew: I would love to suggest a few more options, if they were not suggested before… I haven’t gone through all the newer topics ^^;

    but a suggestion for Common Grounds 2 (if not any other sim-dating styled game) the option to give gifts, maybe clothing, to a fashionable character and see their outfits change. Or maybe dressing to impress certain characters.. something that makes the money more worthwhile to gain =3

    You could also add in a “room” function where you buy equipment or accessories to change the style of your bed room, maybe attracting other characters, or lowering their attractive level depending on their personalities? or just customizing your own personal space to your liking. just some suggestions to go along with the more personal style idea!

    I look forward to all games that Fupoco has in the waiting room, or going to create. Common Grounds 2 will be fantastic, I just know it!


    Those are some great suggestions, and where I’d love to see the sequel go. Having your own room you can customize on top of a custom clothing system would be ideal.


    I definitely like the idea of more customizability. ^.^

    Sorry I haven’t posted much, but I am still around.


    It would be awesome to play I think, otters should definitely be in there haha, voice acting though is hit and miss, I personally find text and sound effects a lot better in most cases, female characters would be a nice addition perhaps as an extra, though keeping it all male would get no complaints from me ^^


    I think voice acting would be neat, but yeah, it’s very hit and miss.

    I’ve been playing a little of “Dust, an Elysian Tail” and while the voice acting is pro by itself, it does tend to make the text sound overly melodramatic at times, heh. My guess is it works better if your characters are 3d and acting themselves. But I don’t know for sure. An interesting and huge topic to explore.

    At the very least, would definitely want to make it an option you could turn on and off if we ever go for it.


    I have to agree with you about Dust, great game though ^^ loved the art style of it mostly. I think voice acting would be interesting, and the option to turn it off would be a great feature to have, either way, looking forward to seeing what you will come up with for the sequel. 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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