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    Decided a slider thing would be cool and added it to the front page, to have someone tell me they leave javascript turned off, (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE XD)

    Curious if anyone has opinions on it.

    I’ve discovered there’s a way to have certain content show if javascript is turned off, working on that…

    Mostly posting to say hi. I’ve heard people like to lurk. For those of you who are forum fans, I think activity will pick up once the next game is released.

    Seems most everyone prefers to use the contact form. I plan on leaving the forums up, so don’t worry. Just find that an interesting dynamic.


    I updated the forum plugin and it added back in that silly ‘tags’ thing, which I have to go through the code to remove completely, again. Always something, I tell you what.


    !!!! i have to say the slider thingy is cool! the current journal look doesnt fit with me, not sure why perhaps anouther slider but rather then one that auto changers how about one the user can click on arrows on the right and left to move?


    Sorry for double posting so soon but, what if a small journal about half of the latest one in both width and height and have a caption of what the joruanl has to hold and have that flick auto like between that latest 3 journals on the 4th page have “to read past journals click here” with a picture above it of characters sorta resting on top of the Fupoco name


    Actually I like the current slider.


    Hmm… you mean the journal on the front page, right? Still need to update the actual journal page, which is now the ‘bonus’ catch-all for things I still need to write like reviews and such.

    That’s a good idea either way, as having a rotating slug or at least, a quick description of latest posts would be neat. Will think about this…


    Yes i do ^^ just a thought to steamline the home page


    Hey, the javascript works perfectly on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera on my phone o.o

    See, when I was in web design I always made sure certain aspects worked for pretty much all the browsers, and apparently all the mobile versions of these browsers… tend to act like their desktop counterparts! (For the most part, that is.)


    Works fine for me too.


    Am very happy one doesn’t *have* to make a separate design for phones anymore. So very happy XD

    Also want to thank everyone for putting up with the site as unfinished as it always feels to me. So much work…


    Kaive you are a one man band and your doing perfect, though idk if you are by yourself but i’m assuming ^^


    @kaive The site looks fine to me.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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