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HoT Update 7-01-13

July 1, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

Howdy y’all!

Was a busy week so I wasn’t able to update as much as I would have liked. But we have more or less taken care of the bug/glitch list. Still balancing the game, but making good progress there. I’d like to see the play a lot more tight, and clearer choices to make.

I’ve also been looking into ‘special’ character animation options. Nothing so far, but it would be cool if we can figure something out here.

We’ll be away from Wednesday to Monday (July 3 – 8) for Anthrocon. No official Fupoco appearance or selling stuff, just hanging out. Am happy to say hi and talk if anyone spots me, as I’m sure the rest of the crew would be.

Chances are very good we’ll return refreshed and ready to add lots of new content to House of Tail, and get this project going hardcore~

HoT v 7.01.13

  • added – show number of hires available
  • added – show charm percent under room price (will need graphical upgrade later)
  • added – graphical polish on title characters and transition (download version)
  • changed – customer and room math, % skills changed
  • fixed – various bugs/glitches…
    • item duping – not handling item data properly
    • entering something before it finishes moving won’t trigger its mouse hover event
    • releasing left mouse button on any button triggers it – should only trigger if pressed first
    • levelup notice needs to appear over both characters in double room if levelup at same time
    • gui needs to smoothly reappear on end of day
    • sometimes character reserve banner doesn’t appear when a character is sent there
    • rep up background darkens again if more than one rep up??? (also adjust background)

your pal Kaive

HoT Town Map / Califur 2013

May 7, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

House of Tail town map

Town map complete!

Here you will be able to buy items and upgrades, train, heal, and hire characters. It will be a busy place. The house map is more or less finished as well, but we still need to add in some detail graphics.

Califur 2013

They were kind enough to seek us out a while ago about advertising in their convention book, so if you’re in Southern California around May 31st – June 2nd, be sure to check it out. You can visit their website here.

By the way, House of Tail is in the ad.

It would be kind of silly if we didn’t have it ready by then, don’t you think?

your pal Kaive

Back / TiTS

March 20, 2013 in General, Other Games

We had fun at Furry Weekend Atlanta and it’s really nice to be back!

Took a lot of pictures for whenever we’re ready to begin filling out our ‘bonus’ section. Not sure what we’ll do with them besides something silly. Also heard talk about quite a few furry card games in development. They’re supposed to be hush-hush, so that’s all I can say, but it’s interesting in so far as I didn’t hear any talk about making video games beyond Furoticon Online, which is a video game of a card game.

We also had a chance to really sit down and plan out what we need to focus on, taking a break and thinking about ‘the big picture’. Which mostly meant putting to the side many ideas and focusing on just a few. I don’t want to talk about what we plan to do, as it’s better to talk about what we’re actually doing, but the big takeaway was needing to focus on building up our game library, and fleshing out this website.

Trials in Tainted Space – Offbeatr

In other news, Fenoxo (developer of Corruption of Champions) has started a crowd-funding drive on Offbeatr for their next game: Trials in Tainted Space. It’s described as an “erotic, ultimately customizable, textual adventure game”. They’ve already surpassed their goal by quite a lot with many days still to go!

You can find the offbeatr page here.

your pal Kaive

FWA 2013

March 13, 2013 in General, Website

Out of Town

Just a quick courtesy call to let you know that we will be away at Furry Weekend Atlanta between March 14 – 18, and won’t be able to respond to anything fupoco related until afterward.

Minor Site Updates

Removed obsolete questions and added some new ones to the faq:

  • Can I offer my services or help out?
  • Will there be a Mac or Ubuntu version?
  • Can I transfer my demo save files into the full game?
  • Avast! Antivirus Auto Sandbox does not recognize the .exe as safe!
  • The graphics are not loading in Windows XP!

And updated Common Grounds’ manual:

  • Note to Windows XP users
  • New default install directories for v1.4

Video game manuals are a curious thing, as nowadays most games have a tutorial/manual built into them. It has us thinking if we even need to bother with one for House of Tail. I think they’re cool and a nice novelty, so we probably will. But who knows!


A couple of users have told us that they have triggered our spam protection while either trying to register or log in recently, and we’re curious exactly how bad it has been. It’s a tricky thing to check. We have had to set up fairly extreme countermeasures against spam. While spammers have yet to make it past our protection, we are upset that some legit users have been blocked. We’re trying to figure something out, and are very sorry about any inconvenience.

your pal Kaive

Common Grounds 1 Year Anniversary

March 1, 2013 in Common Grounds, Games, General, House of Tail

Common Grounds one year anniversary fanart by Len and Kit Hawking

Fan art page updated! – Big thanks to our buddies Len and Kit 😀

Common Grounds has been out and about for one whole year.


It has been a fun adventure. We are forever grateful to all of you for the support. It is something we never want to take for granted, and I’m always at a loss for words to properly express how we feel about it.

I’ve recently figured out how best to go about expressing it, and that’s a growing excitement about beginning work on Common Grounds 2.

We have taken many notes about your thoughts and what you’d like to see, and are looking forward to making the next one something we can be even more proud of. I can’t wait!

House of Tail Update

But first we have to finish House of Tail.

Have just about finished the level-up menu and related features. Want to let you know we’re still on top of it and this is going to happen!

(And for the rest of the team not to kill me for taking so long… one whole year without another game! We can’t let this happen again!! Totally my fault though ^^;)

Oh, and I suppose since it’s been a year, it’s now okay for us to write a post-mortem on making Common Grounds. Just something like “5 things that went right / 5 things that didn’t”. No idea if or when this will happen, but it’s something we’d like to do.

your pal Kaive

Text issues in Common Grounds 1.4

February 17, 2013 in Common Grounds, Games, General


Just letting everyone know we addressed some text glitches some users were experiencing. And if you’re missing a XINPUT1_3 dll, the game should supply it so you don’t have to update DirectX.

This soft update has been uploaded, so you just need to download it again if either of those issues have bugged you.

And now that this is finished (we hope), expect much House of Tail progress reports and an impending release…

your pal Kaive

Crowdfunded Furry Games

January 27, 2013 in General, Other Games

It’s an interesting time for small studio furry gaming. We’ve recently been told about several projects trying the crowd-funded angle and thought we’d pass it along.

Just a note, but none of these are adult-oriented. None! Not a single one ;_;

“Inherit the Earth 2” — “*un*Lukcy 7” — “Beasts Fury”

your pal Kaive

And Have a Happy New Year!

December 26, 2012 in Common Grounds, General

Common Grounds fanart of Troy with Christmas themed bondage - by Len Grey

Wonderful Common Grounds fanart by Len Grey~

Hope you had a great year, and can’t wait to show you everything we have planned for the next one!

your pal Kaive

About offers to help…

December 15, 2012 in General, Website

We finished writing a rather lengthy page about offers to help! You can find it here:


At first we tried to write something shorter and more concise, but felt it’s better for both you and us if we simply spelled things out. Like it says, we’re not actively hiring, but we are interested in teaming up and working with fellow creative-types. We’ll update it as things come up.


your pal Kaive

Pony Odd Couple | Concerning Offers to Help…

December 9, 2012 in Games, General, House of Tail

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia nude in House of tail

Two more pony characters added to House of Tail! I couldn’t stop. Still think the game needs more females, so am always open to ideas and/or parodies.

Currently finishing up the last bits of code, and fine-tuning the math. Will need to draw the map backgrounds, items, and a few story characters. And code the main menu / game select screen. Then onto beta-testing and release!

Concerning offers to help…

You guys and gals are the best! We appreciate the offers to help and don’t want to discourage anyone, but we’re kind of in an odd position because we’re doing this professionally.

Upon spending a lot of time responding to these offers in the past couple of months, and discussing this topic with the team, we’ve decided it’s way past time to write some kind of official page to explain things. We’ll probably put it in the About Us page somewhere.

We do want to grow the team and talk about game ideas, but there are issues involved! Policy forthcoming…