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Furry Games: Furoticon Online | Puppy Love

November 4, 2012 in Other Games

Furoticon Online

– Erotic Furry Trading Card Game

Congrats to the Furoticon team and their fans for raising enough money to meet their funding goal for their online game, which as of this writing is over $35,000 with 6 days left to go!

You can check out their Offbeatr (like Kickstarter but with sex) here.

Puppy Love

– Furry Dating-Game

Studio Knockout has released their first full game, congrats to them as well!

While we like to focus on adult furry games, we also would like to spotlight really cool non-adult ones like this as well. Just a heads up in case you download it expecting porn!

From what I can gather, they’ve been working on it since the beginning of 2010, and they’ve recently finished a character auction for the sequel, having raised $3,130 with 25 characters!

You can check out their game here.