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HoT Update 7-01-13

July 1, 2013 in Games, General, House of Tail

Howdy y’all!

Was a busy week so I wasn’t able to update as much as I would have liked. But we have more or less taken care of the bug/glitch list. Still balancing the game, but making good progress there. I’d like to see the play a lot more tight, and clearer choices to make.

I’ve also been looking into ‘special’ character animation options. Nothing so far, but it would be cool if we can figure something out here.

We’ll be away from Wednesday to Monday (July 3 – 8) for Anthrocon. No official Fupoco appearance or selling stuff, just hanging out. Am happy to say hi and talk if anyone spots me, as I’m sure the rest of the crew would be.

Chances are very good we’ll return refreshed and ready to add lots of new content to House of Tail, and get this project going hardcore~

HoT v 7.01.13

  • added – show number of hires available
  • added – show charm percent under room price (will need graphical upgrade later)
  • added – graphical polish on title characters and transition (download version)
  • changed – customer and room math, % skills changed
  • fixed – various bugs/glitches…
    • item duping – not handling item data properly
    • entering something before it finishes moving won’t trigger its mouse hover event
    • releasing left mouse button on any button triggers it – should only trigger if pressed first
    • levelup notice needs to appear over both characters in double room if levelup at same time
    • gui needs to smoothly reappear on end of day
    • sometimes character reserve banner doesn’t appear when a character is sent there
    • rep up background darkens again if more than one rep up??? (also adjust background)