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FWA 2013

March 13, 2013 in General, Website

Out of Town

Just a quick courtesy call to let you know that we will be away at Furry Weekend Atlanta between March 14 – 18, and won’t be able to respond to anything fupoco related until afterward.

Minor Site Updates

Removed obsolete questions and added some new ones to the faq:

  • Can I offer my services or help out?
  • Will there be a Mac or Ubuntu version?
  • Can I transfer my demo save files into the full game?
  • Avast! Antivirus Auto Sandbox does not recognize the .exe as safe!
  • The graphics are not loading in Windows XP!

And updated Common Grounds’ manual:

  • Note to Windows XP users
  • New default install directories for v1.4

Video game manuals are a curious thing, as nowadays most games have a tutorial/manual built into them. It has us thinking if we even need to bother with one for House of Tail. I think they’re cool and a nice novelty, so we probably will. But who knows!


A couple of users have told us that they have triggered our spam protection while either trying to register or log in recently, and we’re curious exactly how bad it has been. It’s a tricky thing to check. We have had to set up fairly extreme countermeasures against spam. While spammers have yet to make it past our protection, we are upset that some legit users have been blocked. We’re trying to figure something out, and are very sorry about any inconvenience.